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Rick & Tamara

Fun, loving family ready for a new addition

Hello! We are Rick and Tamara - a happy, down-to-earth couple looking to grow our family through adoption. Our shortlist: we love travel, music, festivals of all kinds, animals, gardening, fringe sports (kickball & roller derby), a full house, and a good debate.

While we don't know what brought you to our page, we are willing to bet you're probably on some sort of unexpected journey. So we have that in common!

What guides us in life? Kindness, education, and that the belief that compassion should come before judgement - values we hope to share with our children. Finding each other was the start of an amazing adventure, and we're eager to bring a couple more souls along on the ride. We offer a safe and happy home, more dad jokes than anyone should endure, and will surround your child with unconditional love.

Our family and friends are here to support us, and we are so excited to welcome children into our lives!

We are home study approved and certified to adopt a single child, twins or siblings. Our hope is to build a relationship with the family that would entrust us with their child, but we respect whatever level of openness or privacy you may want.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and please reach out! We're happy to talk.

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Who We Are

We found each other on Craigslist. 

That's where Tamara looked for a room to rent when she moved to town to start a new job after college. It was in a big house with five roommates; one of them was Rick.

We became good friends almost instantly, and quickly realized we had found our perfect match.  

Our relationship is built on respect, honesty, love and fun. And of course, being good roommates to each other. 

We plan to bring up children with the same values; cultivating a love of life, helping them find their passions and building the confidence and skills to follow them. It's an honor to shepherd a new soul through life, and we're ready to grow the love we already share so deeply in our little family.

Our adoption attorney is guiding us through this process. She is experienced, kind, and will treat you with respect.

Adoption Diary

Riding into spring

The last of the snow is finally almost gone, and while we had so much fun skiing and sledding this winter, we’re so excited for spring! A gorgeous sunset ride on a sweet horse helps me think about all the good things to come. - Tamara

Backyard Campouts - a pandemic feature

The snow is barely melting but we’re already dreaming up plans for warmer days!

I’ve never shared this picture because it’s so messy - it’s out of focus and Rick’s head isn’t in and the dogs aren’t cooperating and the kids have lost interest and for reasons I can’t remember I put my hair in a 90s half pony. Not to mention our nephew picked a “campsite” right next to the fence, making us looked like we’re in some sort of cage.

But it captures our pandemic summer so perfectly - just hanging out in the backyard, a little bit of chaos, playing games and listening to a live-streamed concert since we couldn’t go to one. Making our own fun with our closest friends and family.

It makes me smile whenever I see it.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Rick & Tamara

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Rick & Tamara