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Our goldens!

So anyone who knows us knows that we love our dogs(my mom states she has never met two people who talk about their dogs like kids). Kory has always wanted a dog and specifically a golden retriever. Esther grew up with a golden retriever but was never crazy about getting a dog in general when we moved in together. After a year of being married it just hit Esther that she wanted a dog and was in agreement that we would get a golden. We found a great breeder and not too much longer we were going to get our first puppy. We named him Kajaks( this was a nickname given to Kory growing up-some gaming name) and since we won’t ever name a child Kajaks we gave the name to our puppy. We brought him home in December of 2018 and he brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. We got outside more, went on walks, enjoyed being home watching him play and grow, and we took him everywhere with us. Kory worked from home so he loved the company the dog gave him at work and we were so happy. We moved to South Carolina for a few months at the end of 2019 while we waited for our home in NY to close and during that time Esther always said we were going to get another dog when we came back up to NY. Well guess what? We brought home a dog the night before we closed on our home in NY. We named this puppy Kaiko. Kaiko’s name came from a special trip we took with our best friends to Turks and Caicos. We wanted to stick with a “K” like Kajaks so that’s how she got her name. They are a year and a day apart in age and it’s been the best watching them play together. We enjoy them so much and we can say we will probably always have golden retrievers living with us. Their personalities make us laugh often and we truly just sit and watch them interact. Kajaks is always ready to play ball outside and explore while Kaiko loves love and attention and prefers to just carry around her ball. Our dogs are so special to us and we can’t wait to have our children grow up with these two special dogs!

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