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Our Multicultural, Interfaith Family

We are a multicultural, interfaith family. We believe it is important to celebrate each of our backgrounds, incorporate our family traditions, and provide Nico with a spiritual foundation. By no means do we pressure Nico to believe in or identify with one heritage over the other, but instead we are exposing him to both cultures and making them a celebrated part of our family life. As he grows up and matures, it will be up to him how he identifies and what role spirituality/religion will play in his life. We will do the same for our future child(ren) and be sure to incorporate their heritage into our multicultural family. Through our ongoing adoption education, we have learned how imperative it is to embrace, celebrate, and incorporate our future child’s culture/ethnicity/heritage into our everyday lives.

Paulo was raised Catholic and attended church while growing up. Although he does not practice Catholicism as an adult, he loves and values the holiday traditions that he grew up with and wants to pass them down to our children. So, Christmas is a big deal at our house! Paulo’s mom always comes over to help us decorate the tree, and she loves making homemade decorations every year to add to the holiday spirit in our home.

On Christmas Eve, Paulo’s family comes over around dinner time in order to celebrate Christmas in the traditional Guatemalan way. Paulo’s mom makes the most DELICIOUS Guatemalan tamales, which she spends days beforehand making, as well as traditional Guatemalan black beans, tortillas, typically a yummy soup, and dessert of course. Before Nico was born, we’d wait up until 10pm to have dinner, and then open gifts at midnight. However, since Nico was a toddler and could actively participate, we’ve been having dinner at a normal time and opening gifts soon thereafter so that we can all go to bed at a reasonable time :) Nico absolutely LOVES Christmas and can never wait to see what Santa brings him! The Easter bunny also comes to our home in the spring :)

I am Jewish; we belong to a nearby Jewish temple where I attend services sometimes, and Nico attends Sunday school during the academic year in order to provide him with a spiritual foundation. The parts of Judaism that are meaningful to me are the spirituality aspect, the culture, and the open, welcoming, and kind community that accepts everyone for who they are. We love to celebrate some of the Jewish holidays, too, such as Hanukkah and Passover!

We’d love to learn about your family’s cultural and/or religious traditions. Hope to hear from you soon!

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