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Words from our family and friends

These are all words written by family and friends of ours. Be sure to check back periodically as I add more. Feeling the love!

“-Things about the Titus Family-
What can I say about this beautiful family? First and foremost, they are a God fearing household with both parents following and personifying Christ’s love for others to their kids. There is no greater commandment than to love others, and this overabundance of love is apparent in their desire to adopt a child to join their family. They enjoy and prioritize the value of family time and actively pursuit an ever improving relationship with each member of their family and hopefully soon your child. Stevi and Kendrick are a solid couple, their dream of adoption has lasted through years of prayers with life’s up and downs and the only thing they place a higher value on than their marriage is their personal relationships to God. What’s even better than that? They are a fun family! There is almost a never ending amount of laughter going on in the house. Stevi truly sees being a mom as a privilege and takes every opportunity to teach their kids through fun activities like bike riding, DIY coloring kits, homeschooling, going on hikes, making melty beads creations, and reading books from the library, etc. The family also enjoys the great outdoors tremendously. They take advantage of every season of the Pacific Northwest, and sometimes Arizona and Alaska where they have family, and fill their leisure time with being outside, instilling the great appreciation for God’s creation in their kids. They also value building and maintaining friendships, always on the lookout for being able to help out in any way in their community either by volunteering at James Brigade or organizing the Women’s Breakfasts at our church among many other things. Because of their good nature personalities, they have amassed a great supportive network in the community on top of their loving extended families scattered through the US. This wholesome family is worth your consideration for your child to be apart of!” -Selina (One of Stevi’s best friends)


“I’ve known Kendrick and Stevi since before they dated in high school, were married and had dreams of a family. Stevi was one of my boys’ first babysitters! She was so great with the boys - the perfect amount of fun, learning, accountability and discipline when needed and yes all kids need discipline. She was a natural. We even brought her on vacation with us so my husband and I could have a few dates here and there.

Fast forward a few (many) years, and now Stevi and Kendrick are married and have two wonderful kids of their own. I LOVE watching them raise their family. Lots of fun, sprinkled with learning, a joy for life, and a beautifully stable, real foundation upon which to grow together. Their kids are thriving because of it. Isn’t that what we want for our children, is for them to thrive?! YES we all do even if you have yet to meet your child. 

Kendrick and Stevi will be beautiful and wonderful parents to your little one. And you can rest assured they will THRIVE!” -Marne (Friend for over 16 years)


“Stevi and Kendrick are two of my oldest friends. I hardly have a memory from high school that doesn’t have one or both of them in it. They are a couple with a passion for Jesus, people, and adventure and these passions have been evident in their lives both as a couple and now as a family with young kids. Over the years, I have loved seeing photos of their travels and adventures together, some of which include a few visits to Fairbanks, AK to see me and my family. Their kids are both such a joy. L is a bright little girl with a talent for making friends. Though our visits have been few and far between, my 4 year old still talks as if they are best buds.
Stevi and I have spent many, many hours together over the years and it has been so fun to watch her become a mom. She has always been a very rational thinker. A “no games,” “what you see is what you get” kinda girl. As I have watched that girl become a mom I have been astounded by her ability to enter into the world of her children and see things from their perspective. I have seen her respond to her kid with gentle spoken words and patience in the hard things, as well as playful energy in the fun. As a mom of 3 myself, this has been such an encouragement and a blessing to witness. We all know how trying a toddler can be, its the ability to keep a true perspective in those trying times that can make all the difference in how well we respond.
Over the past 11 years I have watched Stevi and Kendrick walk through life as a team. They are committed to each other, to Jesus, and to their family. And if you are considering their family as a placement option for your little one, you can be confident they are committed to you. They have been, and will be praying for you and your little one as you seek to make the best decision for you both.” - Amy (Stevi’s best friend from high school)


“Kendrick and Stevi are fully invested in raising their children. Kendrick takes time to play with his kids, readily shows affection to them and is a calm, steady presence in their lives, protecting and providing for them in many ways.  Stevi also plays with her kids and loves on them generously. She is creative and often plans fun activities to do with them. She works hard to make their home a comfortable, bright, warm and welcoming space. Both of them desire to raise children who think of others before they think of themselves and exhibit kindness and love to others. They both bring consistent discipline in their home with grace and kindness, always assuring their kids that they are loved no matter what, even when they make mistakes. Family time together is a priority with Kendrick and Stevi as they value time together over material things. Both Kendrick and Stevi are generous with their time and resources in helping others and are teaching their kids to be the same. We highly recommend them as parents to love any child that joins their sweet family.” -Dave and Laurie (Kendrick’s parents)


“I have had the honor of knowing Stevi and Kendrick for the last 5 years. Stevi is my sister in law! What I loved about both of them from the beginning was how welcoming they were with me into the family. They both genuinely care about you and how you are doing. Spending time with them is always a treat. They both are amazing parents! Stevi is always baking with the kids, taking them outside for nature walks, playing outside with them, memorizing scripture, doing projects inside etc. She is always present and active with her kids. Both Kendrick and Stevi are very present with their kids - family time is so important to them! The love they have for their kids is so evident and any child will be extremely blessed to be able to join their family and have Stevi and Kendrick as their parents!” - Lexie (Stevi’s SIL)


“Adventurous, diligent, responsible, loving, financially balanced, committed - all these adjectives and more come to our minds as we think of Stevi and Kendrick. They have proven themselves in their years together to be stable and forge through, always pursuing not just the good, but the best! We are so grateful for them and blessed beyond words to call Stevi our daughter and Kendrick our son-in-love!” - Jim and Kathy (Stevi’s parents)


“Stevi and Kendrick are some of the most attentive and loving parents I’ve met. They are always present to cheer on their children in all of their endeavors. They encourage them to try new things and take delight in uncovering their kids’ lovely personalities and embracing those unique qualities in their children. This family is just so loving and welcoming, and it has been such a pleasure to watch them blossom into staples of the community.” - Heather (Our neighbor and friend)


“Kendrick and Stevianne are amazing parents. They do such a wonderful job with their kids, by showing them love, gentleness and compassion, while also instilling God’s word in them. They are always finding ways to enrich their children’s lives through nature, travel and family. Any child would be lucky to have a family like them, they are simply the best!” - Charity (Kendrick’s Cousin)

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