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We are only human. Flawed and silly, we make mistakes and we try again, but we have great faith and hope in a world of forgiveness and new life. We promise love that does not expect perfection, but seeks for kindness and justice. We promise to love each other enough that loving a child grows from the love we have for each other. We bring with us a rag-tag bunch of loving, goofy, excited aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Though our families are far away we are surrounded by a large, diverse, and close-knit group of friends who have been our cheerleaders as we parent our first child and are all ready to love on a baby with us.
Though we are nervous and maybe a bit shy about it, we are open to whatever amount of “openness” may be right for you, your baby, and our family together. We believe that the best interest of a child is of the utmost importance and that is something we would love to explore with you. All children are a gift in life, and as such are never “ours” but instead are allowed to grow into whomever they are meant to be. We promise to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing home filled with books, too many baked goods, and plenty of silliness.
With love,
Kelly, Derek and Madeline

About This Diary

We are hoping to grow our family through adoption, because we feel we have more love to share. It took many years for us to have our daughter, Madeleine, and after her birth we've been unable to have another child. Both of us cannot imagine life without our sisters and we can see that Madeleine is a sister just waiting for a brother or sister whom she can love, share/fight over random things, and laugh at the expense of their crazy parents. There is room in our home and room in our lives for more.

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