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Caro In The City

Singing the songs in my heart, Hoping to sing them with you in my arms...

Hello there! ‚ÄčI'm Caro, a ginger, full of motherly love, from New Jersey, near New York city. I'm a healer/therapist, I've been a professional musician, and I've written this lullaby to sing to a sleepy child. I'm a therapist who values education and loves to travel the world. I hope to travel with baby to Italy, France, and Prague. Although I love to travel, my biggest dream is to become a mom and the good, bad and ugly that it will entail. Bring it on!

What I can give: a stable family of 2 (me and baby), a focus on education and travel. My vision is to give baby a step up in life, love and the pursuit of happiness. If my profile feels right to you, let's see if we're on the same page. Contact me at (201) 614-5150 or

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Who I Am

I am an adventurous redhead, with a positive and realistic outlook. I come from a very hardworking family. Although my parents were of modest means, they always valued hard work. I put myself through college and graduate school while working full time. I've been very lucky and want my child to inherit my good fortune.

Most of all, what matters to me is giving a child a loving and generous mother, so that it is in their DNA to demand great relationships throughout their life in work, friendship and love.

Adoption Diary

Being with Friends and Social Distance

I think we all need a great deal of support to get through this COVID crisis.  We am barred from taking public transportation (I don’t have a car and don’t need one in this town), all nonessential businesses that can’t be online have been closed for a while, and most people are not venturing out of their houses except to grocery shop, care for others, or exercise.
I am on the phone with friends, and having social time with my across the hall neighbors, who have been great.  One night we did face masks.  Another night, we played with the dog of another neighbor in the hall.  They are constantly making baked goods (muffins and breads) and sharing.  We went bike riding yesterday, and I almost felt normal!  Here are is a photo of us taking a break from a long bike trip.

My Brilliant Reads

Reading “My Brilliant Friend” - very satisfying novel by one of the Italy’s most popular writers, Elena Ferrante, based on a her best friend from childhood, growing up in Naples.

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Caro In The City

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Caro In The City