Walking The Adoption Journey Together

Our daughter's birthmother reached out to us early in her pregnancy, hoping to find someone to walk the adoption journey with her. We were more than ready to walk that path, which became the most special of our entire lives.

By Gina (Gina & Jeff)


Our daughter’s birth mom found us on Adoptimist. She is the person I admire most in this world and I owe our connection to this site!

She reached out to us early in her pregnancy hoping to find someone to walk the journey with her. We just happened to have written in our profile that it was our hope to walk the path to adoption with an expecting mom! Our daughter’s birth mom became such a close friend throughout her pregnancy that she invited me to fly to her hometown for the 20-week ultrasound. We met for lunch (pink velvet cake for desert was foreshadowing!) and then went to the hospital together. We laughed and cried so many times throughout our day. When the ultrasound tech heard our story she even let us FaceTime my husband, even though that is not normally allowed!

Mama M wanted us to be at the birth. So we packed about 100 bags and headed down. On the morning of our daughter’s birth, I was SO nervous. However, the day was better than I could have ever imagined. The hospital staff was so gracious and our daughter’s birth family was around to show their support as well. At the request of the birth mom, I was the first to hold our daughter.

My husband cut the cord. These were the most special moments/days of our whole lives. The pictures of our time together are priceless.

We had to wait for paperwork to clear between states and since our daughter was born on December 13, we were told to expect Christmas at the hotel (although we didn’t mind, as long as we were together as a family). However, our social worker called the day before Christmas Eve and told us our paperwork had cleared in record time!!! We flew home in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. We hadn’t told our extended family of our plans to adopt. So we were able to give our family the BEST Christmas surprise of all time!

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What a tearjerker, breath taker of a story this is. So very special for you. A mother’s dream!

By Dustin and Christy Riddell on Dec 19 2021