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Nicole & Rich

Happy, fun-loving family of 3 from Long Island NY, here to listen to you & to talk about your baby

Thank you for considering us.  We are a family of 3 - Nicole, Rich and our son RJ. We are a happy, fun-loving family from Long Island New York. We would love to be blessed by the miracle of adoption. We want to help and support you during this adoption journey. We know that you’re facing an extremely difficult decision, and admire you for your courage.
We hope that our profile makes you comfortable in knowing that we are a loving, caring family and we are here to listen to you and talk to you about your baby. Our home and hearts have room to grow. We promise that your baby will feel unconditional love, support, stability & will be given every opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

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Who We Are

Rich and I met in 2003 at a Comedy show in Manhattan.  We had an instant connection and immediately started dating.  In 2010, we bought our new home and shortly after we got married. In December of 2011 we welcomed our son RJ to the family.

Family is very important to both of us.  We see our families very often, usually every weekend.  My (Nicole) dad is in Queens and a brother, sister in law, niece & nephew on Long Island.  Rich’s family consists of his parents on Long Island and his sister, brother-in-law, and 2 nephews that also live on Long Island.  We are very close to our family and make it a priority to spend time with them and make lasting memories.

We would love to add a new member to our family.  Our hope is to have at least one more child to make our family complete.  RJ would love to be a big brother and prays for that each night.    Conceiving a second time around has proven to be challenging and we would love to grow our family through the miracle of adoption.
Just know that a precious little one in our family will be loved, cherished and adored.

Adoption Diary

Summer Days

After such a long period of quarantine, it feels good to just be outside in the sun. We spent Father’s Day Weekend out on Long Island. We swam in the pool, had a barbecue, took a long nature walk, & watched the sunset at the beach. It was truly a perfect, beautiful weekend!☀️

Our “New Normal”

So, RJ & I went to visit my dad today. We brought him some groceries & had a short little visit. My dad is dying to hug RJ, but we had to wear masks & keep 6 feet away.  We now give “virtual hugs”  This is so hard!!  I cant wait till we can have our family gatherings again & be near each other.  We are going through such trying times & we can’t even be there for our loved ones, physically that is.  Waiting for better times, waiting for our rainbow!!
Please be well & stay safe!!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Nicole & Rich

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Nicole & Rich