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Jen & Lindsay

Fun, Animal Loving Family Ready, With Open Hearts, to Add A Little One On Our Adventures!

In our house, we: Love to the fullest. Laugh until we cry. Sing off tune, and the wrong words. Dance hoping our neighbors aren't watching. Tell bad dad jokes. Play like we're kids again. Hug like it's a long goodbye. Spoil our animals. Eat breakfast for dinner.

We are eager to share our love and grow our family through open adoption. We share our home with three cats and a dog, and enjoy our visits to the dog park. We love spending time with our family, trying new restaurants, traveling, camping, concerts, golfing, plays/musicals, hiking, biking, basketball, hockey and other sporting events. Even though we like to be active, we love family snuggle nights watching movies or playing board games/puzzles.

We know having a male role model in a child's life is important to some birth Mom's, so although we are two females, we have two very important male figures in our lives that will be very involved in our child's life. Jen's dad and our brother-in-law. Because we spend so much time with family, they will be around often. Both are very caring men who will love our child with all their hearts. They are going to be the best Grandpa and uncle!

We want to become the best parents we can be and support our child in any way possible, so we took extra training in trauma, grief and loss, and various behavioral issues.

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Who We Are

We are Jen and Lindsay! We met online in 2014. The online site finds matches within a radius of a certain amount of designated miles. Jen was in San Diego at the time, while Lindsay was still in Minnesota, so by the rules, neither of us should have shown up on either searches.... But we did! We consider it fate!

One of the reasons we fell in love, and believe we will be great parents, is our similarity in values. We both value honesty, showing respect, determination, family, showing compassion, kindness, loyalty, responsibility and fun. One of Lindsay's favorite quotes is "Character is who you are when no one is watching"

We enjoyed our time living downtown in the cities, but we eventually settled in a small town to grow our family. We have three fur babies that are looking forward to having another sibling(s)! Layla, Reach and Puddy Cat are our cats, and Winston is our dog. Our animals are just a wee bit spoiled! But it's ok!

In our short five years together, we have enjoyed our many adventures: white water rafting in Colorado, zip lining in Costa Rica, cave kayaking in the Apostle Islands, ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia. Lucky enough, we both have interests in being active and trying new things. We are both into sports of all kinds, music of all kinds and foods of all kinds (mostly Lindsay making Jen try new foods).

On a typical weekend, we take Winston to the dog park to play with his two cousins (Jen's sister and parents' dogs), go for a bike ride, golf with the family, then end with Lindsay making delicious food for everyone. Lindsay is a wonderful cook! We know our lives will change when we are blessed with a child, and boy we cannot wait! With a little one, we would replace the golfing and bike rides with picnicking, visiting the zoo, bringing them to their first sporting events, teaching them how to crawl/walk, and awing at their coo's and giggles! We also have many friends with kids so play dates are a must!

Family is truly the most important thing to the both of us. There is rarely a week that goes by that we aren't seeing either side of the family even if it's just a short stop to say hi. Thanksgiving is spent driving to Wisconsin to see Lindsay's grandparents, dad and uncle. We prepare a big meal (only 1/4 gets eaten), then sleep off the food coma. Jen's family is big in to celebrating Halloween and Christmas. Each year her uncle throws a big Halloween party with piƱatas and chicken poop bingo (it's fun, we swear!). Christmas is also big with a majority of Jen's extended family getting together on Christmas Eve to play games, hang out and eat pizza. Santa even joins in!

Adoption Diary

How Adoption Chose Us

This is our story of how adoption chose us:

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to start a family together. We knew we were going to adopt either way, but we decided to try having one on our own first, so we started down the path of pregnancy. After several non-successful attempts with one doctor, we decided to move clinics to a doctor that was more helpful. On our second attempt, we found out we were pregnant. Unfortunately, we lost the baby at five weeks. We tried four times after that and on the fifth try, we got pregnant again. Like the first time, the baby stopped developing but this time at seven weeks. We decided to do some testing and everything came back normal. We ended up switching doctors again and got pregnant the first try. Everything was looking good; we made it past the first ultrasound and saw the heartbeat. We were very hopeful with this one. But, at our second ultrasound, the doctors could not find a heartbeat. We did some more testing and again, everything came back normal. We saw a genetic counselor and was told there was nothing out of the ordinary. So, we had three losses and no explanation or reason behind them. Then Lindsay said “I think God knows we will be such good parents to an adoptive child and this is his way of telling us.” So, this is why we truly believe adoption has chosen us. Although we are sad about our losses, we are excited that we have this opportunity to grow our family through adoption.

This is not a sob story, but a story to explain that some things are just meant to be and that everything happens for a reason! We just have to trust that reason!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jen & Lindsay

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