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Haircut Day

Today was haircut day.  I enjoy seeing their individual personalities come out and seeing what they choose. We have one growing his hair out and then this guy in the picture who added some line designs. It will be awesome to see how our little girl choses to express herself as she grows up. Neil has been practicing braiding my hair. He said that someday he is going to need those skills. His mom had him learn years ago when his sisters were little. It helped her to have another set of hands to get people ready and Read more »

Night on the Playground

We live right across from an elementary school with a great playground. I took the boys over there tonight with the neighbor girls, one of who just turned 3. She is so fun and so full of energy and I adore getting to spend time with her. She thought freeze tag was an absolutely hysterical game and keeping up with her big Read more »

Thinking About You Today

Neil and I were just putting the final touches on our portfolio tonight. I can’t wait to show this book to expectant mothers interested in our family. I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about becoming parents again. It will be such an amazing gift. I am so excited to be on this journey. Just wanted to say a quick Read more »

4th of July on the Lake

We were able to take a long weekend at the cabin. Most years we have a huge 4th of July party and camp out but this year we took a break from hosting the big event. It was hard for me, but I was craving a little down time with my crew. We spent most of our 5 days with just the 4 of us. Unfortunately, the weather Read more »

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