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Generous, Committed, Playful Couple! We are a psychologist & musician couple of 16 years open to all forms of adoption.

Hi! I’m Amy, a hopeful adoptive mom. My husband Joe and I would love to get to know you and understand your wishes for your child. We recognize that this is a tremendous decision that comes with a range of mixed feelings and we will be supportive of all the highs and lows. I’m a child psychologist and know the benefits of having a great support network and people you trust to listen to you and understand your experience. We would like you to have the counseling and resources you need during your pregnancy and after.

I have a lot of personal and professional experience with adoption. I currently counsel families who have adopted a child. It’s something I’m passionate about as I was adopted at one month old and had a wonderful upbringing. Growing up, my mom worked as a counselor for teenage girls who had unplanned pregnancies. She helped these girls repair relationships with their families and find the right solutions for their future. My adoption was a closed adoption as requested by my birth mom. While I never met my birth mom or had much information about my birth parents, my adoptive mom always spoke highly of them and sent pictures and letters to the agency. She wanted to make sure, should they ever decide to ask about me, that they knew how loved and cherished I was.

As adoptive parents, Joe and I want to respect your wishes first and foremost. We think a semi-open or open relationship is wonderful. We promise to share with our child the thought, love and planning that went into finding his/her parents. We will include you in your child's development through photos, videos and letters at the frequency you request. We live just outside New York City in a beautiful residential family-friendly neighborhood. If you wanted to meet us in person at any time, we would cover your expenses to travel to NY, or we could travel to you.

Joe and I are at a point in our careers where we can take a step back and be very present for our child. We plan to share our time at home, so he/she is always with her mommy or daddy in the early years before school starts. Our baby will also have lots of visits with Nanny and Grammy, our two moms who stayed at home with us to teach us how to read, write, sing, play, dance and enjoy family life! Joe is a musician and a talented songwriter. We can't wait to write and sing our child original lullabies at bedtime.

Your baby will be the only child in our home, apart from our “furbaby” – a 13-year-old gentle Westie who just adores babies and children. But make no mistake – your child will not be lonely or wanting for love! Our two sisters, our nieces and nephew, are a big part of our social life. We have so many family members, friends, and kids who are just waiting for another child to join their squad. There will be many kids around to have a catch, swing on the swings, play Uno, swap snacks, jump in the puddles and do cartwheels and so much more. Living outside NYC also means that your child will be exposed to a rich upbringing, with diverse culture, music, sports, food and people.

I hope our profile gives you a real sense of the loving, fun, compassionate parents we plan to be and our genuine commitment to you to honor and respect your wishes. We have big hearts and big plans!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and feel free to text/call us with any questions we haven’t answered 800-264-4960. We also have more info on our website www.amyandjoeadopt.com

We send you all our good wishes for a healthy and smooth pregnancy, no matter what you decide!

With love, Amy & Joe

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Who We Are

Just 15 years old, we met at our high school lockers.
It's hard to miss Joe as he is always making someone laugh.
When Amy showed up to his home with cupcakes for a school fundraiser, Joe's mom would say later "Joe, why don't you date Amy?" But teenage boys don't listen to their moms...or do they?
We reconnected in our 20s when we were in NYC for grad school. We often hung out on the rooftop of his apartment, talking and staring out at the city skyline. We began to see we had so much in common: music, history, family, sports/baseball, fishing. On our first date, Joe's cooked Amy a delicious fish dinner. This scored big points! Joe courted Amy with nights at jazz clubs, walks in the city parks, and food-inspired adventures. When Joe graduated from his masters in music, he and his band performed two songs written for Amy. The families, in the audience, knew then that Amy & Joe were forever.
Our dog Zilla came soon after and she was part of Joe's proposal, "unwrapping" her birthday gifts to reveal Amy's engagement ring! After 10 years of marriage, we continue to make each other laugh and lean on one another in tough times. Our love story only grows as our relationships with friends and family deepen and we have more and more love to give.

We love to spend time with family and friends and have a range of interests! We like to cook, fish, go to museums, travel, play in the dog park, root for the Yankees and watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

We both have jobs we love. Joe is a well-known musician and VP of MultiMedia for a large corporation. Amy is a psychologist with her own group practice in NYC. Both of us have flexibility and autonomy in our jobs to be very present for our child. We plan to take a lot of parental leave and then go back to work part-time so we can share the caregiving of our child, and not leave him/her with a nanny or babysitter. We believe it's important that we be present to care for our child.

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything" - Katherine Hepburn

Adoption Diary

Adoption is another word for wanted

I was so thrilled to be a guest blogger for Purl Adoptions, an adoption organization that spreads awareness and promotes ethical adoptions practices. In my blog, I talk about the ways my own adoption has shaped my ideas of adoption as an adult. The photo here is of me at one month old coming home to my family!

Paste this link in your browser to read my full story:

Recommendation from Joe’s sister Dawn

Joe is my younger brother and only sibling. I met Amy over 15 years ago and through the years she’s become like a sister to me. My husband and I have been married over 25 years and have two wonderful daughters, ages 13 and 15. Joe and Amy are a special part of our family, especially through the wonderful relationship they both have actively and lovingly developed with our two children. Flipping through the family photo albums you will see them visiting the hospital when both girls were born, attending their birthday parties, hitting the dance floor, bouncing on a trampoline, making school visits on Occupation Day, hosting sleepovers, playing Wiffle Ball, plus enjoying holidays (including dressing up as a very convincing Santa) as well as many family vacations. But what makes Joe and Amy’s relationship with our children special is they were there at many other times where there were no photos: offering comfort if one was in tears, playing games with them when they needed a distraction when their grandfather passed away, or just curling up on a couch and talking. They also know and honor each daughter’s unique personality – so sometimes it’s a jazz jam session for one and power-shopping with the other. It’s being there not just in good times, but rather in all times, that has created a bond that is deeply meaningful.

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Joe & Amy

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