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Playful, Loving, Generous Couple! NY hubby and wife team of 16 years open to all forms of adoption.

Hi! I’m Amy, a hopeful adoptive mom. My husband Joe and I would love to get to know you and your family and understand your wishes for your child. We have big hearts and big plans and can't wait to include you in them!

Joe is 100% Italian, and I am half Irish, with a little Italian and Greek mixed in. Our families have blended together in the most remarkable way. We love to get together for family meals and have a lot of great cooks in the family. Joe makes incredible pizzas and mac n’ cheese sometimes entirely from scratch, sauce, dough and all! I love making eggplant parm and cavatelli and broccoli. When we aren’t in the kitchen, you can find us playing a game of bocce or wiffleball, and spending time together on the water. My mom lives on a lake where we do a lot of boating, swimming and fishing. We are all big baseball fans. We live 10 minutes from Yankee Stadium so we get to see a lot of games! Joe grew up playing baseball and now coaches his godson, so your child will get to know the game very well!

I already have a lot of personal and professional experience with adoption. I currently counsel families who have adopted a child. It’s something I’m passionate about as I was adopted at one month old and had a wonderful upbringing.

As adoptive parents, Joe and I want to respect your needs first and foremost. We think a semi-open or open relationship is wonderful. We promise to share with our child the thought, love and planning that went into finding his/her parents. We will include you in your child's development through photos, videos and letters at the frequency you request. We are also open to visits if that is something you want. Birth family is family!

Joe and I are at a point in our careers where we can take a step back and be very present for our child. We plan to share our time at home, so he/she is always with her mommy or daddy in the early years before school starts. We think it's important that we raise our child. Joe is a musician and a talented songwriter. We can't wait to write and sing our child original lullabies at bedtime.

There will also be lots of visits with Nanny and Grammy, our two moms who stayed at home with us to teach us how to read, write, sing, play, dance and enjoy family life! There will be many kids around to have a catch, swing on the swings, play Uno, swap snacks, jump in the puddles and do cartwheels and so much more. Living outside NYC also means that your child will be exposed to a rich upbringing, with diverse culture, music, sports, food and people.

We recognize that this is a tremendous decision that comes with a range of mixed feelings and we will be supportive of all the highs and lows. As a child psychologist, I know the benefits of having a great support network and people you trust to listen to you and understand your experience.

Please feel free to text/call us with any questions we haven’t answered 800-264-4960. If you wanted to meet us in person at any time, we would cover your expenses to travel to NY, or we could travel to you. We also have more info on our website

We send you all our good wishes no matter what you decide!

With love, Amy & Joe

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Who We Are

Just 15 years old, we met at our high school lockers.
It's hard to miss Joe as he is always making someone laugh. He's a big guy with a giant heart.

When Amy showed up to his home with cupcakes for a school fundraiser, Joe's mom would say later "Joe, why don't you date Amy?" But teenage boys don't listen to their moms...or do they?

We reconnected in our 20s when we were in New York City for graduate school. We often hung out on the rooftop of his apartment, talking and staring out at the city skyline. We began to see we had so much in common: music, history, family, sports/baseball, fishing. On our first date, Joe's cooked Amy a delicious fish dinner. This scored big points! Joe courted Amy with nights at jazz clubs, walks in the city parks, and food-inspired adventures. When Joe graduated from his masters in music, he and his band performed two songs written for Amy. The families, in the audience, knew then that Amy & Joe were forever.
Our dog Zilla came soon after and she was part of Joe's proposal, "unwrapping" her birthday gifts to reveal Amy's engagement ring! After 10 years of marriage, we continue to make each other laugh and lean on one another in tough times. Our love story only grows as our relationships with friends and family deepen and we have more and more love to give.

We love to spend time with family and friends and have a range of interests! We like to cook, fish, go to concerts, travel, play in the dog park, root for the Yankees and watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

We both have jobs we love. Joe is a well-known musician and VP of MultiMedia for a large corporation. Amy is a psychologist with her own group practice in NYC. Both of us have flexibility and autonomy in our jobs to be very present for our child. We plan to take a lot of parental leave and then go back to work part-time so we can share the caregiving of our child, and not leave him/her with a nanny or babysitter. We believe it's important that we be present to care for our child.

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything" - Katherine Hepburn

Adoption Diary

My love for my birthmom grows with each day of this journey

To really tell this story, I need to go back to a time where I wasn’t born. Perhaps I wasn’t even an idea in either of my mother’s heads.

It was the 1970s. My mom was volunteering as a counselor for women who were thinking through options for their unplanned pregnancies. My mom worked with a great team of people who did anything they could to support expectant mothers: arrange prenatal care, build and decorate homes where they could stay, provide ongoing counseling, and most of all provide unconditional love and support for their decisions.

My mom loved what she did. Unbeknownst to everyone around her, she had several miscarriages during her time as a volunteer. She grieved many losses before she learned she had endometriosis and would not be able to have a child of her own. She and my dad slowly accepted this news and finally settled on a baby bulldog. It was late one night when a co-worker called that my mom finally confided in her and shared the grief she felt. This call would change the course of all of our lives.

The story of my adoption is one of many tales showing the power of women helping women. Encouraging women helped my mom and dad register to be adoptive parents. A separate tribe of compassionate women were several towns over counseling my birth mother, who was receiving in-patient prenatal care in a NJ hospital. My birth mother did not want to raise a child as a single parent and made the brave, loving choice, with her family’s support, to place me for adoption. While my adoptive mother and my birth mother never met, or even knew about each other, I’ve always felt they were connected in some unexplainable way.


Days before she held me, my mom had a dream. She pictured me with big round eyes, brown hair, chubby cheeks and olive skin. She would share this dream repeatedly with me from the time I was a toddler. She got the call from the adoption agency on Friday, and there I was Monday morning exactly as I appeared in her dreams.

“What is yours will find you!”

My parents were equally in awe of my younger sister, their biological child, who joined us 5 years later! I took my job as “big sister” very seriously (still do)! I had to teach her how to dance to Madonna, do somersaults on the grass, wait for the fruit loops to turn your cereal milk a fantastical swirl of color, make a bunny disappear from the hat, and turn a Twizzler into a delightful candy straw! We were always given equal amounts of love, affection and playfulness. My parents loved being “mom” and “dad”. After many years believing they wouldn’t be parents, the gratitude and joy they felt was undeniable!

I don’t remember being told I was adopted because it was part of my fabric from such a young age. It was such a natural part of me, like my arms, my legs, my brown hair. I didn’t think it odd or different. But then family was never constrained by biology. Since my maternal grandparents were deceased, their friends volunteered themselves as grandpa and grandma. Grandpa and I watched hours of Wheel of Fortune and Grandma and I played even more hours of hangman, imprinting on me my love of words, puzzles and most importantly the love they shared through play.

Since becoming certified adoptive parents, I’ve thought a lot about my birth mother. Since it was a closed adoption, I don’t know much about her. I wonder how she dealt with the complicated feelings of loss that birthmothers often speak of. I wonder if she second guessed her decision at any point. My wish is that she knows deep down in her bones that her decision gave me a life of love and promise, which I’m forever grateful for. My birthmother must have really loved me to want something more for me than she could give. My adoptive parents made it their priority to love me unconditionally and talk about her with tremendous respect and appreciation. There are many questions that come along with adoption and there are many questions that come along with any type of family building. The main question for me was never left blank. Was I loved? Yes, always. And by two moms!

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