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Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.


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Our Story

While in college, two friends of ours invited us to play soccer (we both played soccer in college). It was only the four of us playing together. The two of us were on the same team against the other two. Sara paid no attention to me (Adam) and didn't even remember my name a year later when we came in contact again! However, I soon got Sara’s attention and we fell in love. We were married in California where Sara grew up then moved to North Carolina where I got a job. We actually decided to relocate back to California and drove all the way across the country together. But, after 5 years, my company relocated us to Texas. We now live in a diverse and exciting area that provides us with many opportunities. We have grown closer and stronger through the changes of life. We are friends and companions first. We know that the success to any marriage is to keep Christ at the center. We enjoy going on weekend getaway trips and date nights. Parenting takes unity and teamwork which we are constantly improving at. We love each other and are dedicated to our roles as husband and wife before anything else.

We strive to raise our children in a positive and uplifting environment filled with fun, laughter, and creativity. We are active in church and appreciate the community our church provides.

In our family, your child would be encouraged to pursue the extracurricular activities he or she is interested in. We are an active family. The girls love their gymnastics, soccer and ice-skating lessons. Sara is blessed to stay home.
Education is very important to us. Our area has many educational opportunities including good private schools, a strong school district, and a large home-school group.
Having kids means we do lots of kid-friendly activities already. Water parks, beach trips, Chick-fil-a runs, museums, zoos and trampoline parks are places we frequent. We also enjoy visiting amusement parks like Lego Land, Six Flags, and Sea World.
We like to travel and don't mind taking spontaneous trips. Sara's family is from California and also owns a vacation home in Nevada. Adam's family is from Southern Illinois. We feel very fortunate to visit these places regularly.


Our oldest is 5 years old. She is spirited, energetic, fearless and curious. She is also loving and tender-hearted towards others. She is very excited about the possibility of having another sibling and about adopting. She was a great helper decorating baby's nursery. She loves to pick flowers and catch lizards! She has no fear of bugs or dirt. She is very creative. When asked about adoption she says "We will take care of the baby and love the baby"

Our second daughter loves to be silly and make people laugh. She is 4 years old. She's as cute as they come. When she starts talking you cant help but listen. She loves to dance and dress up in tutus, dresses and princess outfits. She is clever, talented, compassionate and a peace maker. She loves her sisters and is especially watchful of baby sister. She is sure to give her little sister a kiss and hug whenever she needs it. When asked about adoption she says: "We can name the baby sparkles!"

ELIZABETH (little Liz)
Our youngest is two. She also loves to make others laugh. She was a very easy going, calm baby. As a toddler, she is very kind and gentle with other children. We've been sure to mention the "new baby" frequently so she is ready for the arrival of a new child. She enjoys pointing out other "babies" when we are out and about. We've been talking about the new baby while decorating the nursery as well. Some of her favorite things to do are: splash in puddles and play dress up with her sister's shoes.


Our dogs are Baber and Beauty. Baber is a tiny Chihuahua and Beauty is a Rhodesian Ridge-back. They are an interesting and entertaining pair. Ridge-backs can grow quite large. They are very opposite in size yet they play very well together and love to run wild in the house when they get the chance.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a wonderful area. There are several parks, pools and splash pads within our own neighborhood. We were thrilled to find a splash pad within walking distance to our home. Our neighborhood hosts "Food Truck Friday" every month where we enjoy eating BBQ brisket, taking pony rides and listening to live music. Our church is conveniently located near our neighborhood.

Our home itself is very comfortable and child friendly. We intentionally sought to purchase a one story home complete with enough cozy carpet for the little ones to run and play carefree. The home is located on a quiet cul de sac street. The girls love to ride their scooters and bikes around our street with the next door neighbors. Our home has four bedrooms plus an extra room that we currently use as a playroom/guest bed room. The grandparents visit often.

About Adam

adoptive family photo - Adam WHAT SARA SAYS ABOUT ADAM

Adam is a wonderful father and very good with children. Maybe every adoptive wife says that about her husband, but it really is true of Adam. Even before we were married and had our own kids, I noticed that children were drawn to Adam and wanted to be around him. He was extremely patient. When we would attend family gatherings, he would spend lots of time playing "tea party" and other make-believe games with my niece. I knew he was a keeper. Since having our own children Adam has not changed. He has proven himself to be a patient and faithful father. The girls can't wait for him to get home from work every day. Adam is a fantastic teacher and coach for the kids. He takes the time to teach them new skills at their own level and is sure to include them on outings and projects around the house.
As a husband, Adam has been like a supportive friend. He is patient with all my many ideas.


Adam has a laid-back personality. He loves to relax but he also loves to rough house! The girls can count on him for laughter and fun. He is a very hard worker and provider. On his days off, he enjoys lifting weights in the garage or mowing the yards. He also regularly takes each daughter on their own special “daddy-daughter” date. They each feel like a special princess.
Adam grew up in a charming rural town in Southern Illinois. He was the second of three boys and one girl. He went to college in Indiana where he met Sara. He has a dual Bachelor's degree.
While Adam loves almost all sports, he is mostly passionate about all things soccer. He loves to play, watch and coach. He coached high school soccer before our second daughter was born but now he enjoys coaching his own kids.

About Sara

adoptive family photo - Sara WHAT ADAM SAYS ABOUT SARA

Where to start Sara has exceeded my expectations from Day 1. She is a wonderful wife, a compassionate mother, and a complete friend. She is never afraid to take a stand for what is right. Sara is definitely not a morning person. Usually, she needs a couple cups of coffee and an hour or two before she really feels awake! I like to think Sara is the brains, and I am the legs. She will come up with many ideas and plans, but usually I have to make sure they are carried out to completion. Sara is a great cook. She makes many delicious and healthy meals ranging from chili to couscous (I didn’t know what it was either) and everything in between. Sara likes to run and play horse with the girls for exercise! Sara is beautiful and humble, principled and compassionate, wise and full of laughter. Most importantly, she loves Jesus and lives her life to show others His love for them. She will make an extraordinary mother for your child.


Sara was born and raised in California. Sara is an enthusiastic and creative personality. She is blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. Sara loves to go running in her spare time. Even in extreme weather conditions. She also loves gardening and recently developed an interest in farming. She hopes to have chickens one day, but might need to convince the HOA first. Sara has given birth three times and has a large amount of respect for women facing the decision to place their child for adoption. Before choosing to be a stay-at home mom, Sara worked with foster kids and kids with special needs.
Sara also enjoys singing and playing worship songs.

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Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.

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Adam and Sara - Emberlyn, Everly and Elizabeth.