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Our Story

Shanti and Sophia met while they were attending a conference in Oakland, California. They both are politically passionate and shared an immediate connection! Sophia was already living in the Bay Area, and Shanti had traveled all the way from Florida to attend this conference.

While they were surrounded by fellow friends and activists, it was as if everyone around them disappeared, and they were in a bubble of their own, trying to learn as much about one another as possible in a short time. The weekend-long conference ended and Shanti returned to Florida; Sophia returned back to her daily life. But it was clear to both of them that they wanted to see one another again, AND SOON!

One trip to see one another led to another ... and another, and another! Very early on they knew they wanted to spend their lives together, but they wanted to be mindful and know one another well, which started by creating a strong foundation before they made any big moves. Two years of lots of visits, planning, wishing and waiting, it was time for someone to make a move. With the support and blessing of her friends and family who had grown so fond of Shanti, Sophia packed up her life and moved to Florida in 2015. They were married in 2016, bought a home, and now look forward to building a family together!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home In our Home......

we make memories

we show gratitude

we forgive

we laugh

we are courageous and kind

we keep our minds and bodies moving

we don't give up on dreams or people

we eat together

we dream together

we hug it out

we learn together


we respect and support one another

We promise to raise your child with a strong sense of

self- confidence and belief in themselves.

We promise to tell your child often that we love them,

and show them we love them through our actions.

We promise to foster independence in your child,

with healthy boundaries.

We promise to always be open with them about how they came into this world, always expressing appreciation and love for you.

We promise to teach them right from wrong, and to engage

with social justice and community service.

We promise to provide them an education rooted in

truth, justice, and useful knowledge that will support them

in being the amazing citizen of this world.

We promise we will never give up on them or their dreams for themselves. We are here for the long haul; both beautiful and challenging.

And lastly, we will hold you in our hearts and welcome you into our family to the degree in which you are comfortable.

About Sophia

adoptive family photo - Sophia Sophia grew up in Northern California and is the oldest of 5 children. She comes from an exceptionally large family with strong connections to their Mexican heritage. Sophia's mother passed away in 2005, and while she misses her mom, she feels her presence in everything she does, including her journey to motherhood.

Her father and "bonus mom" play a large role in her life and look forward to being grandparents and spending more time in Florida with their future grandchild!

Sophia works full-time as a Domestic Violence Advocate, and teaches at a midwifery school. She is also finishing up her Masters in Social Work.

She believes in the power of chilling out and makes sure she has time to be home reading and puzzling, or hiking in the prairie! She loves being in nature.

About Shanti

adoptive family photo - Shanti Shanti grew up in Miami, Florida, in a close knit multi-racial Cuban community and family. She has 2 older brothers, and her parents were married for over 25 years. Her father, Felipe, passed away when Shanti was 19, and she cherishes sweet memories of his tenderness, and hopes to offer the same tenderness to a child.

Her mother remarried some years later. Shanti is fortunate to have a step father, Oscarito, who loves and supports her as if she is his very own daughter. Both of her parents look forward to being abuelos (grandparents)!

Shanti graduated from Florida State University with a Masters of Social Work degree in 2018 and works as a therapist to survivors of domestic violence, as well as veterans.

Shanti enjoys being at home, tending to their chickens, dog, and kitties, organizing, and cooking!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Shanti y Sophia

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Shanti y Sophia