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Tom and Sammie
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We are a loving, child-centered family with hearts wide open to grow through adoption.

Dear Expectant Mother and Family,

We can't imagine what you are going through right now but we are honored to be considered in your adoption journey and we honor you for your courage, willingness and love for your child. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are a big, warm, loving family--probably not the average family and we're guessing you aren't the average family either. We cannot wait for the privilege of welcoming a child through adoption and sharing all that we have--all our love, energy, play, fun, joy, and zaniness. We live in a large farmhouse with nearly four acres across from a farm with donkey and miniatures horses in a safe, friendly community. Our lives are already totally child-oriented and that's how we like it. Being with children is a real joy for us. We own 2 bounce houses! We have a large network of friends and kids in the community. We go to the local children's picture book museum, story times, science museums, and parks. Because there are four children already we have experience with the late nights, the sick bouts, the sibling fights, the big love, and the real work and devotion it takes to raise children. It is as hard as anything and the best work of our life.

We have a special family set up. It makes us unique and also has given us more understanding and perspective about what family actually is. It's bigger than we think; it can expand to include all kinds of shapes and forms, and it grows from love. Together we don't have children of our own (we did lose one half way through a pregnancy), but Sam has four biological children from her first marriage. This means that your child will get the best of both worlds. Much of the time, your child will be surrounded by siblings who are all so eager and excited to welcome a child through adoption. Some of the time your child will get to be almost like an only child, getting all of our energy and attention.

We want to share our hearts with you. We are creative, passionate and down to earth people. You can ask us anything. We would like nothing more than to be the answer to your prayers and we know that you will be the answer to ours.

Thank you for considering us! We wish you the very best.
Sammie and Tom

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Who We Are

We fell in love after meeting through mutual friends and got engaged last August. We live together with Sam's four bio children, 12, 11, 8 and 4 in beautiful Western Massachusetts in a lovely farmhouse with almost four acres. We have a dog, a cat and a hamster!

We live a totally kid-oriented life. When we met more than two years ago, we both found we had a passion for children in common. Although Tommy doesn't have children of his own, he's worked with children and youth almost his whole life. Sammie always wanted a big family (think 6-8!) since the time she was a very little girl. She and Tom have both always wanted to adopt. We can't wait for the privilege of raising a child through adoption.

Tom works as a health educator at the local university. Sammie stayed home with her four children. She is an ordained minister, a 20-year yoga teacher, and a published novelist. She works very part-time now and intends to stay home with the new little one.

We have a big, local community. Friends are so important to us--and our children--and we have nurtured friendships that span decades. We have regular playdates with friends, have friends over, and both Sammie and her older daughter belong to sacred circles (one for girls and one for women!).

We have a full and busy life. Emmett plays trumpet and rock climbs. Adeline does chorus and ballet. Ellias is doing Frisbee now (but has done soccer and basketball), and Annie goes to gymnastics. All the kids are voracious readers. But we're pretty keen on not over scheduling them. We believe in daily down-time, wandering outside time, recreating the kinds of childhood we remember when you got to spend lots of time outside exploring and creating imaginary worlds.

We have loving extended family. Sammie's mother and step-father are very involved. They live on the charming island of Nantucket and we take regular visits there. Sam's mom in particular is a very generous, exuberant grandmother! We also have an amazing Godmother who is a big part of our life. On Tom's side it's a special grandmother who sends care packages for every holiday (they live in Arizona) and a sister who's eager to become a first time Aunt.

We love to do so many things. We hike together as a family a lot. Walk together. Go to the trampoline park and the roller skating rink (kid favorites). I think I mentioned reading but all the kids are crazy for books. We have weekly library trips. We all love the water for swimming, (Ellias has a kayak), playing in the sand and picnics. We play A LOT of games. We do dinner games, trivia games, board games and card games. We do improv games and funny hand games. We make up stories together. Discipline is a real thing with four children and we have a "fill the bucket" list for each kid as they work to get 20 stars by doing bucket filling activities (showing love, helpfulness, kindness, sharing, etc.). Every other Friday we have book in bed night where all the kids (even the oldest!) curl up in bed with mom while she reads never before seen picture books from the library. There is also so much baking in this house! All the kids love to bake and cook. Sometimes it's hard to get them out of the kitchen. Since the birth of Sam's second child, she has had weekly "special time," which is one-on-one time with each child, set aside especially.

On our own Tom and Sammie love to dance. We love comedy. We love to be with our friends. We spend time on house and gardening projects. Sammie has a big vegetable garden. We take little trips whenever we can, to Vermont or New Hampshire, to see the ocean or to climb a mountain.

What makes us happy is being together. Sam is never happier than when she's got the whole family together. And when she first met Tom she asked him what family meant to him and he said, "showing up." It was a powerful statement and so true! Showing up for each other is a lot of what we do. We show up for the laughs and the tears, the fights and the hugs.

We love one another very much. For Sam, this is a second chance at the forever family that didn't happen in her first marriage. We think it makes us better prepared as adoptive parents. Life's road is crooked and unpredictable. You don't get to call all the shots. But there's a lot of beauty and a lot of hope and sometimes even the things that at first seem the worst end up granting us the biggest blessings.

Adoption Diary

Fun and Games!

We had a backyard kids fair yesterday and it was so much fun. The weather ended up perfect, sunny and warm but not too hot. We had big kids and little kids and parents. There were tractor wagon rides, a concession stand (run by the older girls), a field of games including tug of war and a water balloon toss (run by the oldest), two bounce houses (run by the younger son) and a ticket booth (run by the four year old!) It was a lot of work but ended up a very happy day. More pictures posted in our album!

Another Ordinary Day

We were glad to have another ordinary day after lots of work commitments and being away. We had burritos for dinner and got to watch an episode of one of our favorite shows together (Brady Bunch!). We’re getting ready for the end of school so the kids are pretty excited and full of energy (school is all special snacks and movies so that doesn’t help much :-)). We had a chocolate mousse cake together to celebrate Sam’s birthday since we didn’t have cake all together on Friday. It rained most of the day which kept us inside and working on projects, drawing, and playing with shaving cream to make slime. The four year old took this picture—not bad!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Tom and Sammie

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Tom and Sammie