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Our Story

We are Erica + Bryan. We have been married for almost six years, and together for more than eleven. Erica, a designer and photographer, equestrian, and nonprofit leader. Bryan, an international finance professional, avid mountain biker, audiophile and auto-enthusiast. One of us is a Huskie [UConn], and the other, a Hokie [VirginiaTech]. We live on a horse farm in North Carolina; and we feel most at home when outdoors, surrounded by nature and animals. We are kind and unique; responsible and motivated; and have a life filled with laughter and creativity. We have incredibly strong family connections and a generous, diverse village of friends. And, we are so excited to grow our family through adoption, opening our hearts to a child, and his or her birth family who have chosen adoption.

We met for the first time at Christmastime in 2007, immediately recognizing our shared love for dogs, the outdoors, great pizza and connection with others. As we dated, we found the qualities we both craved in a life partner, and deep unconditional love. We got married in 2013, in the “backyard” of the horse farm we now call home.

We may not always agree on every issue life sends our way, but we appreciate each other for the points of view we do have. We are never too embarrassed to say “I’m sorry”, and we have never had anything pull us apart to the point where we don’t talk, touch or come back together.

We have uniquely different passions, but we also have the same intentions –– to enjoy what we are doing in life, never stop learning new things and be surrounded by the people we love most.

We have been hoping to grow our family for years, and it has consumed a large part of our minds and hearts. While we do not know exactly what our family will look like in the future, we do know who we are as a couple, and the love, stability and opportunity we have to share with a child.

We have several personal experiences with adoption, all of which have led us to feel confident and excited about our own journey. Several close friends have pursued adoption to grow their families, and they have been a wonderful support system for us. In addition, three members of our family have adopted, and the openness on both sides made adoption an easy choice for us.
We imagine that creating an adoption plan for your child is not easy to do; and that this process must be deeply filled with emotion and uncertainty as you think about what YOU want for your child’s future. Your decision requires immeasurable strength, commitment and courage; and, we are so grateful that you might consider us as the right family for your child.

We are fortunate that so many of our friends and family have children who are a big part of our lives. We are excited to grow our family through adoption, knowing that a child will be surrounded by a vibrant and caring community of people who will immediately fold him or her into our village. Within our profile, web site and social media, we hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better; learn what life might like in our family, about our loved ones and our intentions for the future.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live on a horse farm in North Carolina, in a charming home tucked away in the trees. We are far enough North to have snow in the winter, but far enough South that flowers bloom in February. The sky is so dark and clear at night, you can count every star that goes shooting by. We have room for a tall, dreamy Christmas tree; a creek to play in, and plenty of room for a child to have their own personal space. We have a cozy “book nook” with big windows and layers of shelves to fill with books, toys and treasures. We have many friends {with children} who love to visit, explore the farm, ride bikes without worry of traffic and provide the energy of a vibrant “playdate” in this special, unique place that we are lucky enough to call home.

About Erica

adoptive family photo - Erica (Written by Bryan) “In my earlier life, I was trying to make a living racing cars professionally, while still holding down a very demanding full time “professional” job; as a result, my social life wasn’t that social. However, in my early 30s, I met Erica and my life changed direction for the better. Not only is Erica absolutely beautiful, but the impact she is making on the world around her is incredible. She is a remarkable human. I was immediately attracted to her easy going personality, kind-hearted nature and knowledge of herself. She is very grounded, and knows that which is most important to her in life. Her sense of self is incredible and she follows her moral compass – her own true north. Her deep innate love of other living things, creative approach to all situations, and her quiet confidence are the qualities I know will make her a wonderful and compassionate mother, just as she is a partner in life.”

Erica is... is very active – life on a horse farm ensures this! conscious; and believes strongly in eating well. ...very creative and artistically talented. very hard-working; and not afraid to take a risk in career to try something new, start a business or pursue a wild idea or big dream. …balanced when it comes to the relationship between work and life – when she’s working, she’s extremely focused and efficient. But when she’s not working, she’s totally present and living in the moment. ...passionate about helping others. introvert.

About Bryan

adoptive family photo - Bryan (Written by Erica) “As I was first getting to know Bryan, I was struck by the depth of his lifelong friendships, and the lengths that he and his friends would go to in making sure they spent quality time together. Weekends spent mountain biking. Impromptu dinners out “just because.” Always providing each other with a place to live if someone needed it. Help when moving, changing jobs or experiencing heartbreak. Time to talk through misunderstandings; and yet still being each other’s biggest cheerleader. Furthermore, they have maintained those deep connections to this day, despite all of the changes and challenges that life has sent their way. They are truly ‘family’ to each other. It is this aspect of who Bryan is that was the most attractive to me when I met him, and still is today; and it is also that which will make him the most wonderful father.”

Bryan is... well known for his sense of humor. ...very young at heart! ...respectful of the time and talent of others. ...a wonderful pancake chef. ...a patient teacher, who can make the most difficult of tasks sound simple. ...good at solving problems, and thinking both analytically and creatively. ...someone who will stop to carefully save a bird who hit the kitchen window, or a loose dog on the road. ...a very skilled and safe driver. ...fiercely loyal.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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