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Date night!

Last night we went on a date!  Don’t get me wrong we go out to dinner pretty regularly, but something special happens when you call it a date;) This date in particular also doubled as a make-up anniversary dinner date.

For our anniversary back in March, we had reservations at a new hot-spot by a well known seattle restaurateur that was getting a lot of good buzz.  We were both excited to check it out. Unfortunately, Brandon came down with the flu, thus changing our anniversary plans. I ended up making him a pot of homemade chicken soup and spending the evening in the basement watching Top Chef while he slept off the illness in the family room.  This is not a complaint at all because the soup was delicious and I’m a huge fan of Padma Lakshmi.

Since Brandon got over the flu we’ve been trying to reschedule our anniversary date and last night was the night! We even got another reservation at the new restaurant we were so excited to try, however the only reservation available was at 5:30 so we had the early bird special- again, not complaining!

The food and company was exquisite! We tried five or six separate dishes to get an idea of the menu and were overall thrilled with our choices. We then stopped just down the street at a macaron shop to collect a few desserts before coming home. It was a perfect and lovely evening! I think we will go on more dates;)

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