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We are a loving mommy and daddy. The most important job we have is caring for our children. It's also the most fun job we have! Our family is strong and our marriage is strong because God gives us LOVE and JOY.
We met in college at a nearby church that was popular for college-aged kids. Katie-Lynn is more shy than Ben but introduced herself to Ben's friend which in turn started the 2 year dating relationship, and year long engagement. Ben proposed on his birthday after Katie-Lynn almost messed up his surprise plan by planning her own surprise for Ben for his birthday. We have been married since April 2008 and have 4 beautiful children since then. Even before we were married, we knew adoption was something we both strongly desired. We already have a blessing of a son that we were given the opportunity to adopt in February 2016.

Our Home

Our home was bought from a Sear's Catalog and built by my (Katie-Lynn) great grandfather! He worked so very hard to build it over a 10 year period during the Great Depression. Many family and friends have rented the house, and we were able to purchase it from my Dad and do some major renovations to make it a dream come true for our family. One of our favorite parts is the large fenced in backyard. We have chickens, rabbits, a garden and greenhouse all while being conveniently in the city.

About Ben

Ben is an awesome Dad!! He provides a great life for his children and makes each of them feel so special. When Daddy gets home in the afternoon it is an exciting time for the kids to say the least! He plays with them, helps them with the end of the day clean up, gets them dressed and ready for bed, has story time, then snuggle time, then tucks them each into bed with a special good night to each of the children he whispers in their ear.

About Katie-Lynn

Katie-Lynn is a great mom who loves all of her children intensely. She stays home with them only working occasional nights and weekends so she can be the primary one to care for the children and make sure they have all the love they need. Having four kids, so many people ask "how do you do it?". LOVE is the answer and she wouldn't trade them for the world! Another child will only bring more love to her and our family.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ben & Katie-Lynn

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Ben & Katie-Lynn