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Bi-Racial Family of 4 Searching for the Last Piece of are Puzzle, a Baby Boy!

You have made a hard and selfless decision to consider sharing your baby boy with another family. We have two daughters that cannot wait to share their love and joy with their new baby brother. As a part of our family we will teach him; family values through a loving household, the importance of education, service to the community, the opportunity of learning many cultures world-wide through traveling, and to have a strong Christian faith. Thank you and we would be horned for you to consider us.

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Who We Are

We met in high school and became best friends. We started dating during our senior year. After dating for a few years we got engaged during an anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, Canada. We have currently been married for a few years, with a lifetime to go. Derek is a graduate of James Madison University and currently owns a real estate investment company along with working in sales. Alexandria is a fashion designer and cosmetologist. Our schedules are very open and flexible which allows us to take dual parts in raising our children, being a part in their school, and traveling.

Adoption Diary

Excited for Christmas!

We are excited about Christmas in our family! It is the happiest time of the year! We believe in the power of miracles and blessings during this season. Over the weekend we decorated and put up our Christmas tree. Our girls had a blast picking out ornaments for the tree. After we were finished with the tree, we popped popcorn and drank hot chocolate. Later we watched the movie Christmas Chronicles as a family and we loved it. We can’t wait to be able to share our holiday traditions and make new memories with your child!

Our story

In 2015 we knew that we wanted to add another little one to our family. Although we were unsure of where to start we knew that God had placed adoption on our hearts. Shortly after we learned about becoming foster to adopt parents and became licensed. We were in the process for 4 years but we were never matched with a child. Within that four year process I found out that I was pregnant which was a miracle because I was told that it would be a struggle for me to get pregnant. In 2016 I went into premature labor and delivered a 2 pound baby girl. We stayed in the hospital for 71 days and it was the most trying time of our lives. After our daughter’s release from the hospital, we became stronger as a family. We knew that if we conquered this we could do anything.  After all of this adoption still tugged on our hearts and we decided to pursue a different route with private adoption which lead us to Adoptimist. I can’t tell you how long I have longed for this little one to be in my arms and apart of our family.

I have cried several times and my love and connection to this baby has grown deeper! Everyday I say a prayer to God and I pray for you as a birth mother in this difficult decision that you are about to make that God will lead your heart to ours and that you will find peace. Peace in knowing that your child will be placed in a home that is filled with love and laughter. Peace that your child will have two sisters who will love them unconditionally. Peace that your child will have parents that have built a strong foundation based on God, strong family values and making life long memories.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.



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