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I couldn’t resist this meme.  On the surface, it’s meant to be very positive.  But Superman had trouble with his origins and his identity.  His adoption was not perfect, and I would venture to say that no adoption…or very few…is perfect.  Everyday we read as much as I can about adoption. It’s important to us that we understand the perspectives of all sides of the adoption triad.  It’s hard not to be affected by some of the negative adoption stories out there, Read more »

This crazy journey

We took a break from adoptimist for a while because we thought had matched with an expectant mama.  The amazing woman we got to know decided to parent once the baby was born.  As heartbreaking as it was for us that we didn’t get to parent the baby girl we had been longing for, we know that her mama loves her Read more »

The waiting and the disappointment

We have been searching for an expectant mother for several months now.  The holidays were a little rough, but we remain pretty optimistic.  We’ve had some difficulty though.  We have had at least 3 women reach out to us to adopt their baby.  On the surface, that seems encouraging, but each one turned Read more »

Holidays can be hard

We’ve been busy with Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas.  It was so nice to spend the holiday with family.  In so many ways we are lucky, but it was a little hard this year knowing that our family still is incomplete.  We are so hopeful that next Thanksgiving, we will be sharing our family and Read more »

Finding inspiration

Shannon writing here:  Recently I’ve joined a lot of adoption forums and started reading some blogs by both adoptive parents and birth moms. It’s been so inspirational, and it’s made me realize more than ever that adoption is such a beautiful thing. I am so happy that there are so many loving, Read more »

Fall Fun!

We has such a great day yesterday!  It was such a beautiful fall day that we decided to drive out to one of the local orchards and go apple picking. It was so much fun.  We picked apples and ate cider donuts.  Then we explored the little town nearby and got lunch.  One the say home we visited a winery that Read more »

Our family and friends are amazing!

Over the weekend, we made an announcement to our family and friends through our Facebook community that we are hoping to adopt.  I was nervous because you never know how people will react…especially because you don’t actually know all of the people who will end up seeing your facebook posts.  We are so Read more »


Yesterday we celebrated our anniversary.  It’s been 9 years!  We can’t believe how fast it’s gone by.  We are looking forward to growing our family, and hopefully we’ll have another reason to celebrate for next year’s anniversary! Today we created an instagram account so that we Read more »

We’re live!

Today felt like a HUGE step.  Our adoptimist profile was approved and went live!  We couldn’t be more excited! Read more »

Home Study DONE!

We just completed our home study, and we’re so excited to start our adoption story.  Thank you for stopping by our profile! Read more »

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