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Pavi & Raj
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Cozy and warm nest waiting for new baby bird

Dear Birth Mother,
After a year of contemplation, we are ecstatic to welcome another bundle of joy into our lives. With the arrival of your child, we are sure this will create a new chapter within our lives that will make our lives even more delightful. For our family, happiness is the most important value so we know your child will be cared for and loved for in a nurturing and safe environment. We guarantee that your child will be completely safe and happy, as we are part of a supportive extended family that has been with since we moved here, in addition to our own family of course. They are all excited for the newest addition and they are eagerly waiting to love and cherish your child just as much as we will.

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Our family is unique. We cherish our family time by filling up every single second by singing songs together or by snuggling in the couch with a nice family movie on. We embrace lively experiences so we often go on road-trips with close friends and families and we regularly meet with the extended family we have created in America. Whether it is Hawaii, Yellowstone National Park, or our home, we always make sure to spend our time together in a manner that is unique to us. With our little inside jokes and our common appreciation for each other, You can be sure that our future child will be in safe and caring hands.

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Pavi & Raj

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Pavi & Raj