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Our Story

We live a fairly regular life in Brooklyn, New York. Arnau has a more traditional office schedule and usually wakes up early to go to the gym before heading to work. Roger has a less conventional schedule since he works 4-5 nights a week in a restaurant, waiting tables. He is also developing his own business, so he is often home during the day.

Over the weekends we enjoy spending time with each other whether it be alone, or with friends. Roger and I love going to the theater and concerts often, and also to the movies! We also love walking around the city without any destination in particular and go to museums often (at least a couple of exhibitions a month). We also share a passion of travel!

Our Hobbies
Arnau - I love going to the theater and to the movies , or walking around the city. I go to art museums often, and I love traveling. I consider myself to be somewhat a handy person, so I have building things and home improvement (although there isn't much I can do in New York to be honest!).

Roger- Creativity plays a huge part of my life, as I find it therapeutic. I love to create things to share with people because I feel like I'm sharing of piece of myself. Whether it be sewing, painting, or crafting, I find relaxation and joy.

We love to host friends and family, having them over and cooking a nice meal, so Thanksgiving and Christmas are really big days for us. For Thanksgiving we spend all day at home cooking and setting table until friends start to arrive and then we spend the whole evening around the table. Right after Thanksgiving -on Black Friday- together we set up the Christmas decorations and the tree. On Christmas Day we wake up to open all the presents that are under the tree. For lunch we host friends and family in the city setting up a nice table for long conversations.

We are excited to be able to start new traditions like "Trick or Treating" for Halloween and all the other holidays that are especially exciting when you have kids in the family!

Our Home

We live in a modern, new building in the Park Slope and Carroll Gardens area of Brooklyn, New York.Our 1-bedroom apartment is pretty sizable for city standards, and our building has a lot of common areas to spread around such as three different rooftops, a lounge area and a gym. But most importantly, a children's playroom where all the kids in the building gather around with their parents to play. ​

About Roger

adoptive family photo - Roger I was born and raised in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I am the eldest of three, but was raised with two first cousins who I consider siblings also. I am the child of teenage parents. And while my parents are a significant part of my life, my maternal grandparents were a huge support in raising me.

​I am very fortunate to come from a very large family and grew up with family members around all the time. I believe that this played a vital role in my upbringing, my beliefs and family values. One of my great-grandfathers who was still alive while I was young, immigrated from the Philippines and left his family in search of a better life. He taught us how important it is to take care of each other as a family, and to love each other. And until this day, while he is no longer with us, that lesson has kept our large family bonded in one way or another.

​The biggest and most influential of passions in my life since childhood has been music. I started playing the piano at a very young age, and continued to be involved in other musical activities throughout my school years. If there is one thing that I look forward to sharing with my children, it is my passion for music.

Some of my other passions include creating, cooking, and travel. I’ve always been the creative type and find peace while creating something with my hands and heart. I’ve also always loved to eat, so combining creativity and cooking is definitely satisfying for me. I have a never-ending curiosity, which I feel travel helps with. I love learning new things, about new places, cultures and people. I feel that this has helped me understand the world and appreciate its diversity on a different level. And this is something that I cannot wait to share with my children.

Coming from Hawai’i, to me, means coming from a place of strong cultural diversity, heritage, identity, and aloha (love). In the Hawiian language, we have a word that is very common; “hānai”. It is a term used loosely for when a child is raised by family members or someone other than biological parents, while still knowing whom their parents are. In a way, I was raised hānai. I was also raised with other family members who were hānai. And what I know is that no matter the circumstance, you are raised with love. And that is what counts most.

About Arnau

adoptive family photo - Arnau I was born and raised in a town outside Barcelona. I have one younger sister, who lives in the same town, along with my mother and the rest of her family.

I am a designer who works as a creative executive for a company based in New York City. I love what I do but work is demanding, so I do appreciate moments when I can slow down and have a day around the house and neighborhood, taking long walks with our dog, watching TV, cooking and hosting friends, or reading a book.

I am a strong minded person, who is professionally driven. But I am also somewhat reserved and quiet. I prefer to observe situations and it takes me a while to fully open to people. I am stubborn but flexible at the same time -specially if I get time to think things through-.

I am a planner and very organized. I love planning activities or dinner/travels. I consider myself to be open minded and a loyal and protective of my family and friends.

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