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Andy, Amy, and Tristan


Andy, Amy, and Tristan
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We are a loving, adventurous family looking to find the last piece of our puzzle. We dream big and laugh often!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us. We are a family of 4 in our hearts. Your child will find a home with two loving parents, a brother who already loves this child so much that she/he is already a part of our family in his mind, a lot of animal friends, and a loving group of family and friends. You can read more about us in our profile book, by clicking "Visit Site" under "Other Website."

We cannot wait to meet you and learn your story. We want to learn about who you are, what your story is, what you are passionate about, what you love. It’s strange to think that we haven’t met you yet – you, who will so monumentally change our lives. This can't be an easy decision, but we want to assure you that both you and your child will always have a loving and supportive family with us.

Our journey to grow our family has been one of sorrow and hope. We mourn the babies we lost in miscarriages, but through all of that darkness and grief, we have seen a light, a glimmer of hope – first with our son Tristan, and now with our future child. We cannot imagine what your own journey has been like, but we can only hope that the darkness of your own grief and sorrow can be lessened in the light of hope.

We hope for an open relationship with you - one where your child grows up knowing you and knowing the sacrifices you made for him/her. You have a unique connection with your child that no one can replicate. It takes an amazing amount of love, strength, and selflessness to make this loving decision. Adoption is about so much more than the child. We envision our lives with both our future child and you. You are an integral piece of our family and we will forever love you and cherish the difficult choice you have made that allowed our family to grow. Adoption is bitter sweet. It is happiness and it is grief. It is love and it is sacrifice. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to expand our family to include our future child, and you. We are so excited to meet you and embrace our future together.

With much love, Andy, Amy, and Tristan

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Who We Are

We met in college 14 years ago. We've navigated through so many great adventures, and also difficult journeys in those 14 years. Neither of us can imagine going through life with any one else. We are each others' rocks. We laugh often and love deeply.

We both grew up in Colorado and are surrounded by a supportive network of family, friends, and neighbors. We have two dogs, chickens, and a fish who are all a part of our family as well!

We’ve both been drawn to people from all walks of life. When we chose where to live, it was important to us to be located in a diverse community. Andy grew up with diversity in his family, and Amy always immersed herself with friends from all over the world – with different ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, views, and cultures. It was a keystone to both of our childhoods and something that helped shape who we are today. It is important to us that our children also grow up with a respect and love for all people. It is so much easier to see the connections we all have, instead of the differences, if we are only open to it. We strongly believe in approaching every individual with an open heart and open mind and love to see Tristan already starting to do the same with his group of friends from different ethnicities and backgrounds at school.

We started down the path for a second child in 2013 and have talked openly to Tristan about a sibling this entire time. He talks about his future sister or brother to everyone he meets (yes – everyone) and is very excited for her/him to join our family. He talks about tickling the baby, showing her/him to his friends, celebrating his birthday with his new baby sister/brother, helping with diapers, and how much he will love her/him. Tristan had a school project where he had to draw his family. In his mind, his future baby sister/brother is already so much a part of our family, that he included her/him in the picture. When we ask him how he feels about a sibling, he immediately responds “HAPPY!”

Adoption Diary

A Dream

I sit in the nursery and look around me. This room is filled with everything from diapers to toys, all in a time warp of stillness as we wait for our future child. A child that has been in my heart for my entire life. Time is good for reflection and hope is good for the soul. I shut my eyes as I sway back and forth in the rocking chair. I am rocking a precious child to sleep. Singing her/him songs as I take in every detail of the baby in my arms and dedicate it to memory, knowing these first few months go by too fast. There’s a perfect spot, right on the bridge of the nose, that I gently rub, to soothe the baby. I tell this child how much I love her/him and whisper my hopes and dreams into her/his ear. Andy and I take turns in the night – getting bottles ready, changing her/his diapers, and rocking her/him back to sleep. The sound of footsteps in the middle of the night becomes a regular sound.

The days turn into weeks, and then months. This child grows. Her/his first time crawling soon gives way to wobbly legs, quickly becoming steady and strong. Soon, new adventures in food start: baby likes this; oh, don’t ever give the baby that again! Toys start to become more fun than the box they came in, well, sometimes, and stories start to make sense. Then words start to come. First, maybe a “dada,” or “mama,” and then more and more come until the whole house is filled with chatter.

I read books every day and night; this child on one side of my lap and Tristan on the other as they cuddle up and listen. I kiss them goodnight, say our nightly prayers, and tell them how much I love them. I hear the pitter patter of footsteps, giggles, and hushing sounds as they run into each other’s rooms to play a little longer. I smile and act like I don’t hear it for a little while, before going in and telling them it’s time for bed. They scamper off, timid that they got caught, but undeterred the next night.

I watch this child grow through the years. Maybe this child will want to explore art, music, sports, dance. Maybe all of it, maybe none of it, maybe something completely different. I watch her/him achieve dreams, suffer through heartbreaks, have good days and bad. We are there for all of it with open arms. This child has captured our hearts. A lifetime of possibilities, a lifetime of unconditional love awaits.

I open my eyes. The room is dark. It was a dream, a dream that lives in hope.

Fun with Chickens

Chickens and children. Kids love chickens, but chickens can only learn to love children with treats. Amy and I have always been conscientious of what kinds of foods we eat. Eggs, on the surface, seem to be an easy food group to buy healthy. There are the free range, cage free, organic, sunlight soaked, gently nuzzled, and lightly scented eggs all over grocery store shelves. But how can this really be trusted? So I built a chicken run and bought a coop, and we raised six chicks that were just born. What followed was more than eggs.

I grew up in suburban Denver. As a child I watched farm fields turn to subdivisions, but never really hung out with farm animals. But the idea of keeping animals was always appealing. And raising these chicks and then getting our first egg was a wonderful experience. But seeing the wonder in a kid’s eyes the first time they see the chickens is even more of a reward. Our nephew named one that he fell in love with at first sight. Neighborhood children walk into the backyard and are in awe of the strangeness of it all. And Tristan loves to chase, feed, and pet them. We hope that these chickens are the gateway to a wider variety of farm animals. The plan is for a whole farm… someday. It’s not always about the food we eat, but the experiences we have. The chickens are happy and healthy, and we are delighted and constantly entertained. It’s a good balance.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Andy, Amy, and Tristan

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Andy, Amy, and Tristan