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Andy, Amy, and Tristan


Andy, Amy, and Tristan
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We love to be outside, or snuggling up together with our dogs and playing games, reading books aloud, or just laughing.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us. We are a family of 4 in our hearts. The child we hope to welcome into our family will find a home with two loving parents, a brother who already loves this child so much that she/he is already a part of our family in his mind, a lot of animal friends, and a loving group of family and friends. You can read more about us in our profile book, by clicking "Visit Site" under "Other Website."

If you decide you would like to move forward with an adoption plan with us, our vision is to have an open relationship you - one where our child grows up knowing you and knowing the sacrifices you made for him/her. You have a unique connection with your child that no one can replicate. It takes an amazing amount of love, strength, and selflessness to consider this loving decision. Adoption is about so much more than the child. If this is the path you choose, we envision our lives with both our future child and you. You would be an integral piece of our family and we would forever love you and cherish the difficult choice you made that allowed our family to grow. Adoption is bitter sweet. It is happiness and it is grief. It is love and it is sacrifice. We would be so excited to meet you and embrace our future together.

With much love, Andy, Amy, and Tristan

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Who We Are

We met in college 15 years ago. We've navigated through so many great adventures, and also difficult journeys in those 15 years. Neither of us can imagine going through life with any one else. We are each others' rocks. We laugh often and love deeply.

We both grew up in Colorado and are surrounded by a supportive network of family, friends, and neighbors. We have two dogs, chickens, and a fish who are all a part of our family as well!

We’ve both been drawn to people from all walks of life. When we chose where to live, it was important to us to be located in a diverse community. Andy grew up with diversity in his family, and Amy always immersed herself with friends from all over the world – with different ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, views, and cultures. It was a keystone to both of our childhoods and something that helped shape who we are today. It is important to us that our children also grow up with a respect and love for all people. It is so much easier to see the connections we all have, instead of the differences, if we are only open to it. We strongly believe in approaching every individual with an open heart and open mind and love to see Tristan already starting to do the same with his group of friends from different ethnicities and backgrounds at school.

Since we started down the path for a second child, we have talked openly to Tristan about a sibling this entire time. He talks about his future sister or brother to everyone he meets (yes – everyone) and is very excited for her/him to join our family. He talks about tickling the baby, showing her/him to his friends, celebrating his birthday with his new baby sister/brother, helping with diapers, and how much he will love her/him. Tristan had a school project where he had to draw his family. In his mind, his future baby sister/brother is already so much a part of our family, that he included her/him in the picture. When we ask him how he feels about a sibling, he immediately responds “HAPPY!”

Adoption Diary

Breakfast For Dinner

My first memory of cooking was leaning over a bubbling skillet of hot oil, placing an egg inside, and creating a masterpiece. I watched intently as the egg white solidified and the yoke remained perfectly liquid. Transferring it to a plate was the most difficult part and I hopped off my chair to deliver my creation to the dinner table. In my excitement, I rounded a corner, quickly spinning. The egg, covered in oil and unaware of my desire, slid off the plate, hitting the ground with a wet splat. My love of cooking was born.

Thirty years later is stand in my own kitchen making a similar meal. The chickens have been producing 3-4 eggs per day. That’s nearly two dozen eggs a week. Breakfast for dinner is the norm. Omelets, scrambles, and the ultimate: sunny-side up (aka grandma eggs).

I love making eggs but I really love teaching my child how to make eggs. Skillet, check. Splatter guard, check. Oil, check. Spatula, check. Chair, check. Eggs, check. Small child, check. Let’s get cooking. Seeing the light shine in the eyes of the newborn chef is the best reward. As the eye watches the egg crack under an unsteady hand, sees the oil pop and sizzle, sees the luminous egg turn white and yellow, sees the crispy edges that singles doneness, and sees the toast dive into the delicate creation. My eyes can see my child grow into adulthood and cook for someone new. I can see the next generation of egg makers. Making eggs not for me, but for someone new, someone special. Breakfast. Cooking. Love.

The Little Things

Today, Tristan and I went to Sonic, his favorite place, just the two of us. We parked in the car hop area and ordered our food and ice creams and he came and sat in the front seat with me. We rolled down the windows, and talked about his day at school, visiting old friends, and his favorite songs. We laughed at silly noises we heard and played “I Spy.” These are my favorite types of moments – it’s the little every day conversations, laughing, and playing that fill my heart with happiness. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses of everyday life. Sometimes you have to take a step back and remember to enjoy the little things and not let them pass you by.

It’s the little things in our marriage too – after 15 years together, it’s the little things that keep our relationship strong and our marriage happy. Andy always remembering what days I’m working from home, and making coffee for me on those mornings, taking care of me when I’m sick, the dinnertime conversations we have each night as a family, knowing when I just need someone to hold me, cutting fresh flowers from our yard and leaving bouquets around the house, always having my back, knowing when to listen and when to talk, and always, always filling my days with laughter. I do my best to not forget to do the little things for him either and I always tell him how much I appreciate him, and how much I love him.

Relationships are a two-way street and they take work. We work at remembering never to take each other for granted. We share equally in our household – from chores to finances. We openly discuss plans and dreams, which we both are working toward.  We also always communicate with each other honestly, even if it’s a difficult conversation. This open communication has allowed us to understand where the other person is coming from and change our perspective of the situation, rather than bottling it up and getting angrier. A while back, we had a little argument that I always wanted to talk about our days right away, but he was very quiet when he came home. We discovered that it was because I mostly sat at a desk all day hardly talking to anyone and was anxious to talk when I got home he talked to people all day and just needed a break. After understanding where each of us came from, the situation made sense and we found a solution that worked for both of us. It might seem like a silly and small argument, but those kinds of situations can build up and drive a wedge in a relationship. We believe in always talking and not letting things build up. We are each other’s rocks, and we know we’ll always be there for each other.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Andy, Amy, and Tristan

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Andy, Amy, and Tristan