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Thank you for considering us. We are a small family of three looking to bring another loved one into our life through adoption. Our daughter, Temperance, is five years old, and was adopted too. She's excited at the thought of having a brother or sister to share adventures and love.

We are happy to say that we have finally completed our home study process, and are approved to adopt a boy or girl of any race between the ages of newborn to 2. Our decision to adopt again is one of those crazy stories - you know, the kind that makes you think someone up there is really looking out for you.

Around Christmastime last year, a friend of ours texted us out of the blue. The text was one line: Would you consider adopting again?

Now, we had always said if something fell in our laps, well, we'd consider it a message from the universe. So when our friend texted us, we didn't take it lightly. We talked about it - and realized, yes, we do want to adopt! We do want to grow our family and share the love and all the fun times we have together.

We pursued that opportunity for about three months, but it turns out the birth mother just wasn't ready. And that's okay. Believe us when we say, we understand. The decision to make an adoption plan for your child isn't an easy one - and it's not one to take lightly. But what we learned through the process was that this indeed was our message from the universe. And our little one is out there somewhere just waiting to become a part of our family.

So we really have to thank that birth mom, and our friend who texted us. She said when she found out about the opportunity, she thought of no one else but our sweet family. And that gave us the confidence boost we needed.

We're just so thankful to be in a place where we are ready to adopt again. We're looking forward to working with birth parents who are looking to provide for their child. If that seems like something you'd like to chat about, please:

Text us or give us a call: 540-621-3499
Email us: adoptionisapowerfulchoice@gmail.com

With gratitude,

Robert, Kris and Temperance

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Who We Are

Family Time Is the Best Time:
We are a very close family who make it a priority to spend lots of time together just hanging out and being with each other. Family is what's most important to us. Each year we take a trip to England to visit with Robert's parents (who live in a small village on the English Channel). Tempe and Kris travel to Kentucky at least four times per year to visit with Kris's family. During the summertime, we spend afternoons and weekends at the pool, go for long walks and hikes at the parks and battlefields around our area, cookout, visit our friend's farm and take vacations. This year we already went to Disney World and are planning our annual trip to England, and a beach vacation at Hilton Head.

Education and Friends:
Tempe is in preschool right now, and getting ready for kindergarten. She's in a private school now, but will be transitioning to a public school in the fall for kindergarten. Her school is amazing. She has 18 kids in her class, with two teachers. She is close to all the kids, and it seems every month we go to at least one birthday party where all of the kids come to play and hang out together. She's learned her alphabet and is now working on sight words (you, in, the ...). She wants to read so badly - after all she has probably 100 books on her bookshelf in her room. She knows all her numbers and loves to count to 100 in tens. She's looking forward to kindergarten and is working hard on getting ready. We've heard the kindergarten rates well as one of the top schools in the area.

Robert and Kris Together:
It's also important for us to have "adult time" together. Tempe has had the same babysitter since she was 6 months old. She's a 23-year-old who will be graduating from college this summer with a degree in Economics. Since she's staying in the area to work, she'll continue to be Tempe's babysitter. Robert and Kris go out to dinner and movies, meet friends, go for long walks downtown. Our little community has so much to do. There's always a play, a band, or a festival going on and we love to get out.

How We Met and What Makes Us Close:
We are best friends, and have been together since 2005. We met in Kentucky online and dated for two years. We then had a small family wedding at Kris's parents' house in 2007. (It's a beautiful home.) We've lived in the city of Lexington and then out on a rural farm in Trapp, Kentucky. Robert then got offered a job with the FBI, which took us to Virginia. Kris had never lived outside the state of Kentucky so it was a whole new outlook on life. We've had many adventures together, both before Tempe was born and after. Our solid foundation together has made us able to withstand the ups and downs of life, and to be the best parents we can be now that Tempe is in our life.

Kris's Work and Hobbies:
Because Kris wanted to spend as much time with Tempe as possible, she quit her regular job and started her own company. This allows her to work from home and be at home as much as possible. Working from home allows Kris to have a flexible schedule. She attends all of Tempe's school events and has a lot of time to keep our home feeling like home. She also walks the dogs five days a week in the neighborhood, does yoga and loves to cook. (Thank goodness Robert and Tempe will pretty much try anything.)

Robert's Work and Hobbies:
Robert says he doesn't have a job, he has a career. He happily works in the Ballistics facility at the FBI. He loves his job. Every day he gets to work with a close-knit group of guys who all have families (and kids) of their own. They work on the FBI range, running tests and making sure all of the equipment used across the FBI is as safe and accurate as possible. He is well-respected in his field and feels challenged by his responsibilities. Robert also balances his professional life with his home life. He's home every day by 3:30 in the afternoon which allows him to spend as much time with family as possible. He often comes home and says, "I'll come with you to pick up Tempe if you give me 10 minutes." In the late afternoons and weekends, Robert likes to work in his garden. He is also very engaged in world sports, and is a big fan of English Premiership Soccer and Cricket. During cricket season, you might find he and Tempe in the back yard trying to hit the wickets!

What Life Will Be Like with a Brother or Sister:
We have so much fun together, and love each other so much. This was the reason why we decided to grow our family once again. When we're in the middle of a family pile with the dogs jumping up on us and wagging their tails, it's easy to imagine having one more to love. But life is not a fairy tale and we realize adding another child into the mix will take some adjustment. We've talked to Tempe quite a bit about what it means to grow our family, and have been working to help her become more independent (taking showers, getting her own snacks, finding her own hobbies) so she has the confidence to be a big sister. Kris told Tempe she will be such a big helper, and we plan to involve her in every aspect of new brother or sister's life. We're also helping Tempe understand the emotional changes that will happen. She may not be happy about sharing mom and dad at first - and that's okay. We plan to help her process the emotions that naturally come with expanding a family.

As for the little one, we have set aside a room just for him or her. The room is quiet and quaint - just the perfect size for a little one to feel comforted and loved. Even if the child we adopt is not a newborn (we are approved to adopt a child aged 0-2), we've been advised by a pediatrician to start him or her out in a crib to give them a sense of security. (Though we remember Tempe started climbing out of her bed at the age of 3!) As a newborn, Tempe was a very happy baby. She got up every two hours during the evening to feed. Robert and Kris took turns - with Kris taking the first half of the night so Robert could sleep, or vice versa. We were tired those first few months, but the bonding process happened! And of course family and friends visited as much as possible to welcome her to the world. We have no doubt it will be a happy happy time when our new addition arrives.

We are book readers in this house, so we already have a pile of books ready to read to baby, and plenty of toys that he or she can call their own. Tempe and her sister or brother will share a play room that's already packed with a tent, toy soldiers, two train sets, Barbie dolls, play clothes, puzzles, games, lots of stuffed animals, balls and a TV that is used exclusively to watch DVDs. We keep the floor cleared (except when a horse competition or train building competition happens) so there's lots of room to move around in there. And mom or dad are never far away, as the play room is just off the bedrooms. Some of Tempe's favorites are The Good Dinosaur, Zootopia and Moana. We can't wait to see what our new addition will get him or herself into ... every child is unique and we can't wait to help him or her discover themselves just as we do Tempe.

The Excitement of Anticipation:
We're excited to be on this journey, and are looking forward to meeting incredible expectant parents who feel like our little family might be a fit for their child.

If you are considering an adoption plan for your child, we'd be honored if you would consider us in your search for adoptive parents. To get a hold of us or to learn more:

Call or text: 1-540-621-3499
Email us: adoptionisapowerfulchoice@gmail.com

Adoption Diary

Morning Scenes

In the mornings on school days, Kris wakes Tempe up around 7. Tempe stretches, ambles out of bed, then gets in Kris and Robert’s bed to watch Sesame Street with Hermione and Chalky. Sesame Street always has a number and letter of the day, which Kris and Tempe celebrate by coming up with words that start with the letter and ways to use the number. In that 30 minutes, Kris also takes a shower and gets ready for the day. Just as she’s finishing, Sesame Street ends and we both head into Tempe’s room to pick an outfit, make the bed and get ready for Tempe’s day. That 30 minutes sets our day off right! Afterwards we eat breakfast together then head out to school.

Our First Adoption

We adopted Tempe in 2012. Just a couple months prior to her adoption, we met her birth mom through a site like Adoptimist. We lived in Virginia, and she lived in California. We talked every day through email, and weekly on the phone. She was and is quite a lovely, giving person, just like Tempe.

When we got the call that her water had broke, we dropped everything and flew out to California. We met her at the hospital and were both there for Tempe’s delivery. Robert cut the umbilical cord and she stayed in the nursery at the hospital until discharge. We stayed with her quite a bit during that time, nursing her and just getting to know her.

We flew home to Virginia about a week later with Tempe in a blanket on Kris’s lap. Everyone along the way was so supportive and wonderful, even the lady at the car rental place in California!

When we arrived in Virginia, it was late and raining. We had a flat tire so Robert had to change the tire in the parking lot of the airport and then drove home. As soon as we got home, we took Tempe upstairs to her nursery, turned on the light, and the rest is history.

Our first adoption was a wonderful experience - mostly due to Tempe’s birth mom. She was absolutely supportive, giving and transparent. We thank her every day for the gift she gave to us.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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