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Brittany & Dustin
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We are so excited to start our adoption journey and grow our little family!

To that special someone who makes the life changing decision of choosing to place their baby into someone else’s world; to love, cherish and ensure they are given the best life. We admire your courage to set aside the thousands of different emotions and put your little blessings life as your first priority to ensure they have a life that will provide them with opportunity, tons and tons of love and a huge family that will love them unconditionally.
We have gone through some of our toughest times in life through our infertility journey and understand how hard it is to make such a huge decision that will impact your life in so many ways. Since we’ve started the process of infertility and now adoption, there has been a feeling of emptiness. Whoever you are, if you choose our family, you would provide us with the best gift; beyond words of explanation. It takes a special person to be strong and go down this path and take a huge leap of faith to have their little blessing raised by another family. But, we can promise you that we will ensure we will do whatever it takes to be the best parents we can be.
We hope that special someone is reading this and provides us with an opportunity to build our little family and be the best parents we can.

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We met through mutual friends about 6 years ago. After a while of us talking, Dustin already had a planned trip to Florida with a group of his friends so I decided to get a group of my friends and go down the same week. We all hung out and it was such a great time! We learned so much about each other and I knew that I didn't want to let him go. The last day of all of us being in Florida, he took a cab to my hotel and we walked the beach for miles. On our walk back to my hotel, he asked if I would be his girlfriend. A couple years went by and I became his fiancé! It was on my 24th birthday; Dustin planned a dinner with his family and mine. He was acting "different"; he wouldn't look at me much and he was fidgety but I thought maybe he was nervous because he never plans anything big and he wanted to be nice for my birthday. After we all got done eating, Dustin started talking and I was looking at him (he was sitting to the left of me) then, my little sister tapped my right shoulder and held in her hand a small jewelry box. Then, she opened it and said "Sissy, this is from Dustin and he loves you so, so much!” I turned back to Dustin and he was on his knee - in front of the whole restaurant! It was the best birthday ever - knowing that I had such an amazing person I would soon call my Husband! I always dreamed of having a beach wedding and my dream came true on 5/16/15!
About the Mueller’s:
We bought our first home in 2014. It was the perfect first home for us; we rehabbed the kitchen and added upgrades throughout. When we started our fertility journey, we knew that we wanted to sell our home to ensure if we would get pregnant, we would have a home with all the rooms on the same floor level. So, after 2 years – our house went on the market and sold within a month! We decided to build our current home and we absolutely love it! We love our neighborhood, neighbors and all the kids that run around.
We love traveling! We have traveled to; Hawaii, Florida (multiple cities and multiple times), Myrtle Beach, SC, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Alabama, Tennessee, D.C. and hope to do much, much more. We enjoy going to the gym, working on DIY projects around the house, we love our 4 year old fur-baby; Daisy. She is a 15 lbs cock-a-poo that loves people and dogs – whoever gives her attention; especially kids! We enjoy attending Church and trying new things.

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Brittany & Dustin

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Brittany & Dustin