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Our Story

Written by Sam:

Cody and I were both raised on a farm close to small towns. We grew up in active rural communities with lots of close family and friends.

We both have a love for animals. As kids Cody and I enjoyed playing sports. Cody was active in 4-H, showing cattle and I competed in rodeos and spent as much time with my horses as I could. I also enjoyed spending lots of time with my friends - my mom always says I'm a social butterfly!

Cody has a bachelors degree in Animal Science from South Dakota State University. I have a bachelors degree in Human Services from Buena Vista University.

Cody and I met in 2007 at a golf course county club near my hometown in north central Iowa. After college Cody got a job in this town and joined the club as a member. I worked there in the restaurant while I was going to school. We starting dating shortly after meeting.

In 2009, a few days before Valentine's Day, I was at Cody's apartment and found an empty box (what looked like a ring box) on the kitchen table. I was SO excited! Right away I called my mom to tell her what I'd found. I took the box and did not mention to Cody that I'd found it. Valentine's day comes around...he gives me earrings. I was secretly a little disappointed. The next day we were headed over to my mom's for supper. We got out of the car and our bloodhound dog, named Lois (Cody and I rescued her from the humane society in 2008), came running up to the car. She had a black bag tied around her collar ( I thought she'd got tangled up in something). Turns out there was a RING in the bag. Cody got down on one knee and proposed. My family was in on it the whole time. The earrings were just a trick since Cody accidently left the box on the table. Their trick worked...I had no idea!

We were married in October of 2009 and it was one of the best days ever!!

A little more about us and our extended families:

Cody is the youngest of 3 siblings. He has an older brother and sister. Cody's brother lives in Pennsylvania and his sister lives in South Dakota. We have 3 nephews on Cody's side of the family. Lot's of fun trips back and forth to visit each other! Cody's parents live close to the farm where we currently live. They recently just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

I have one younger brother who lives in Oklahoma and is engaged to be married in September this year. I don't have any nieces or nephews (yet!). My mom and step dad live in Texas. We love traveling to Texas in the winter to visit my parents and they love to visit Minnesota in the summer! We recently lost my Dad. We now have a beautiful angel watching over us. My grandparents live in Iowa.We visit them often. They only live about 3 hours from us.

We have built the beginning years of our life together, our careers and our home. We have a huge support network with all of our friends and family. Now we would love more than anything to expand our family by welcoming a child through open adoption.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We moved to the farm where Cody grew up. We bought a house about 10 miles away and had it moved and set on a new foundation here on the family farm. We remodeled the entire house together. We are very proud of it because of the memories and hard work we put in as a couple to make it our own. This past year we added a deck and some landscaping! A fun fact about our house - we have an all wood wall made from reclaimed wood from Cody's grandfathers barn. We also have many refurbished pieces in the house passed down from great grandparents and grandparents. We love making old things into new and having the history of our families with us.

The bedroom for our child is right next to ours. We have purchased a new crib and I have painted a neutral colored dresser for the baby's room. We've also added a toy box that my great grandpa made. We don't plan to add much more as we would like to get to know the birth family and be able to add personal touches to reflect the birth family too.

We live in a great school district with lots of opportunities/choices for kids to participate in all kinds of activities!

About Cody

adoptive family photo - Cody About Cody from Sam:

Cody is a very nurturing and kind person. He is always making me laugh! He is my best friend ❤

He works on our farm raising cattle and hay. He spends his days feeding and taking care of the animals. Every spring we have baby calves. Cody works very hard to make sure they stay healthy and strong. He is very passionate about his work.

I know Cody will make an awesome father! All of our friends' children are drawn to Cody's fun-loving personality. He is someone a child can look up to.

"One of the most rewarding and beautiful sights on the farm is over looking our pasture, the water running through the creek and the baby calves playing in the green grass! Some of my best memories as a kid were helping my dad take care of the animals." - Cody

About Samantha (Sam)

adoptive family photo - Samantha (Sam) About Sam from Cody:

Sam is a very caring, soft-hearted person. She loves helping other people and is great with children!

She is a manager for the Farm Service Agency which is a branch of the United States Dept. of Agriculture. She helps to administer programs that aid our local farmers in growing and raising food. She also enjoys being outside helping me on the farm.

I've seen how great of a mother Sam will be through her interactions with our friends' and families' children. She lights up around them!

" I can't wait to be a mom. I look forward to making many more memories as we grow our family." - Sam

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