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Scott & Cindy


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Our Story

We originally met in High School in Houston, TX. Scott had a big crush on Cindy for most of the year, but things were not yet meant to be. Scott moved to Seattle shortly after graduating college and was reacquainted with around 2002. She was working as a flight attendant and lived in Detroit at the time. Cindy still works as a flight attendant which gives us terrific flight benefits which we try to use as much as possible. Scott works as a web developer in the digital marketing industry.

Cindy has an identical twin sister who also lives in Seattle while Scott has a sister living in Fort Collins, Colorado near their parents.

We enjoy attending Seattle Sounders matches, traveling(!!), the outdoors and loving our 2 dogs.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in South Seattle and own a beautiful, 1964 mid-century modern home on 1 acre of land. Apple, plum and pear trees abound.

About Scott

adoptive family photo - Scott Scott is loving and funny and a collector of hobbies.

He makes soap, lotions, beer, pool chalk, hammocks, sleeping bags, camp stoves, root beer.

Scott rides a motorcycle as his commuting vehicle of choice.

He loves to fish, garden, hike and is looking forward to experiencing these things with a child of his own.

About Cindy

adoptive family photo - Cindy Cindy is a nurturing and adventurous woman.

She has travelled to more more cities and countries than you can keep in your head. Vietnam, China, Dubai, Kuwait, Belize, Honduras, Brazil - there are just too many to mention.

Cindy is a flight attendant, so there you go.

She also has a goal of hiking parts or all of the 2,665 mile Pacific Crest Trail which runs along the mountains from Mexico to Canada.

She loves making costumes. She and her twin sister will plan their Halloween costumes months in advance. She is currently finishing up this year's costumes!

Cindy also enjoys riding her motorcycle and is part of the Rainier Ravens, an all-women motorcycle riders club.

Cindy is looking forward to making our child's Halloween costumes months in advance as well!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Scott & Cindy

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Scott & Cindy