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Never Missing A Moment in My Kids Life

Today I got the chance to hang out with Ari at his school, as they celebrated Holi, the Indian Festival of Color. I’m a parent volunteer for his class and it allows me to be involved in our community and get to know his friends and their parents. I’m fortunate that I can be a stay at home mom and would not have it any Read more »

Stay-at-Home Mom Life

What does this Stay-at-Home mom does, when the kid is at school? One this is to help organize events for my kids classroom. This month I’m working on out Black History Month celebration. Read more »

Fun Friday’s!

On Friday’s I feel like we need to celebrate cause we made it to the weekend. Woohoo!  How do we do that?!?! Book shopping, a long lunch and doing whatever comes to mind Read more »

Winter Days!

What do we do when it’s suddenly 58 degree winter day?!? Well. . . we skip our soccer class and head outside to have fun. When there is no sunlight, we head inside and play some more. Read more »

NJ Needs a Break From the Snow

So we do love the snow. Always up for a great snowball fight, sledding & making snow angels. BUT we need a break from the snow and shoveling. At least make it a little warmer. We’d be happy with a high of 33 degrees :-) Read more »

Weekend downtime with Friends & our “nieces/ nephews”

Last weekend was one of the best ever! Our house was filled with laugher and good times as our closet friends and their kids (our “nieces & nephew”) from MA and PA spent the weekend. We cooked and laughed together. The kids took over Marcus’ office and made it into their room/ fort for the weekend. Read more »

X-mas weekend!

We had a great weekend. Picked and cut our perfectly shaped norway spruce christmas tree, out of like 300 plus trees. Tough decision, but think we got a pretty good one ;-). And we decorated. As usual it is Marcus’ job to string the tree and he always hangs the first ornament. Finished off with homemade hot chocolate. Read more »

Great fall weekend

We had a great weekend and took advantage of the perfect weather with a hike before it got too cold or too wet :-). Check out fall colors against that perfect blue sky. Perfect day for playing in the leaves with a little one or taking a walk. Read more »

Making Baby Blankets

We are feeling so happy, blessed & hopeful. Kay’s mom is already busy making blankets for her future grand-baby. Snapped this pic of her unknowingly :). She is so excited and looking forward to the day when we bring home our future baby Read more »

Great Fall Family Weekend

We spent a great family weekend with Kay’s family (mom, neice, nephew). Baked cookies, carved pumpkins, played board games, laughed and created many great memories. It was Kay’s neice and nephews first pumpkin carving. So blessed to have shared this with them. Our family is looking forward to having a new cousin/ Read more »

Fall is here in NJ

It rainy, gloomy and cold. Time to make some great food to warm and comfort the family. Spicy veggie curry, apple pie and homemade whipped cream. YUMMY!!!! Read more »

Hopeful & Happy

Woke up feeling very thankful, happy, positive & grateful. Our family & friends are in great health & happy; they are our rock & could not ask for more :) Read more »

Fall weekends

This is what fall weekends are about! Baking cookies, cooking amazing fall dishes, New England road trips & hikes. Family time is awesome Read more »

October Pumpkin Picking

We had our annual pumpkin picking this year. We definitely went over board with our selection and have enough for our carving contest and to make cookies & pies. Take a look! Read more »

Hello October!

Time to really start getting ready for fall. That means. . . 1) Getting the pumpkins, pumpkin picking 2) Pumpkin carving contest @ our home - kids & adults 3) Apple picking 4) Shopping for a Cars costume for our nephew. . . 5) Decorating for halloween 6) Baking pies, molten chocolate cakes, cookies . . . We’re so Read more »

Fall In The Backyard

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. This is the 1st year we have apples & baby pumpkins to pick right from our own back yard. You can see more from our album or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kayandmarcusadopt) Read more »

Happy First Day of Fall!

Oh yeah, Fall is here! Say goodbye to summer peeps. We captured what was likely our last summer weather for 2014. To see checkout the video ‘Last Summer Day 2014?”. Now its onto Fall decor & prep for Halloween, Thanksgiving and . . .  :-) Check out the turkey hat and more pics from our Albums Read more »

Summer Weekend - Kids, Friends & Family

This past weekend was the greatest! We had the cutest 2 toddlers, a 4 month old & their parents (on vacation at our house) stay with us the entire weekend. We got a crash course in parenting, relive our childhoods, free workouts, being exhausted & wanting more.  LOL! Absolutely rewarding. Check out the Read more »

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great, much needed long weekend. Spent the weekend 1) 5 mile Hike 2) Cooking sunday brunch for friends & family. Made a great spread 3) Marcus got to race his dream car around a track 4) Back to school shopping for Kay’s nephew (only 3 yrs old) 5) Watched Kay’s older nephew (13yrs old) win his Read more »

NYC Summer Days!

The NYC Ferry is the best. It is the best way to see manhattan in the summer time especially with kids. Got to spend time with friends & their kids. And Marcus joined us after work for a great Turkish dinner. Summer is best! Check out NYC Summer Fun album for more NYC skyline pics from the ferry and our day Read more »

Weekend Hikes!

Happy Monday! We had a great Sunday morning hike this weekend. Hiked about 5 miles and had great view of the New York City Skyline. We are so looking forward to take our further children with us in these hikes. It should be pretty interesting. Read more »

Respect Each Other

The human heart…tells us that we are more alike than we are unalike. – Maya Angelou Woke up having a reflecting day & my favorite Maya Angelou quote (see above) keeps coming to mind. It applies to all that’s happening today (Ferguson, world conflicts, etc) & even personally. . . our decision to pursue Read more »

Great Weekend with Friends & Their Kids!

So I cooked up a storm for friends & their 2 most adorable kids this weekend! I am in love with them. We were nominated to be baby-sitters . . . Marcus and I are both honored, happy & scared all at the same time :-). . . I heard that is known as Parenthood. Lol! In terms of what I made. . . Here goes: Slow Roast Read more »

Cooking up a storm for friends & their kids today!

What’s on the menu you ask? Let’s see. . . 1) Jamaican Rice & Peas (it’s really beans) 2) Roast Pork Shoulder 3) BBQ Beef Brisket 4) Grilled Asparagus 5) Grilled Squid on Garlic Toast (appetizer) 6) Stuffed Mushrooms (appetizer) 7) Raspberry Bakewell Tart (dessert) Marcus is the sous chef and lead Read more »

Growing Pumpkins for Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Our organic pumpkins are starting to grow now! Check out our Album for more pics Hopefully we will have some for our Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Marcus won last year’s contest and that was his first pumpkin carving. Check lot that victory smile! Can’t wait to introduce this fall activity to our kids.  Read more »

Family Bike Ride

Looking forward to this coming weekend’s bike ride around our town & the nature reserve! Last weekend while on one of our rides we saw this family of 4 (mom, dad, 2 toddlers) and they were so cute. I felt a little sorry for dad as he had both kids on his bike. We can’t wait to take our future kids on our Read more »

Our First Entry!

Our adoption just got seriously “real”. We received our approved home study report, our adoption website (www.kayandmarcusadopt.com) got launched & we’re live on Facebook (kayandmarcusadopt). Follow and get to know us! Read more »

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