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January 24, 2017

Repairing A Damaged Relationship With Your Child’s Birthmother

Adoption can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be messy at times. There is a lot of heartache and loss that surrounds adoption. Many adoptive parents go through feelings of loss before turning towards adoption to build their family or while in the adoption process. And for birthmoms, adoption begins with the loss of the child. And even in an open adoption, where a birthmom still has some type of ongoing relationship with her child, there remains the loss of her every day motherhood.  While open adoption relationships can be healthy and positive,... Read more…

January 18, 2017

Choosing To Room With Your Baby Before Placement

If you are pregnant and making an adoption plan, you are likely thinking about your upcoming labor, delivery, and hospital stay. One of the things to give some thought and consideration to (that is a big deal for most placing Moms) is whether to have your new baby room in with you during the hospital stay. If your baby is born with no complications, is healthy and you also had no complications, are doing well and stable, you typically have the option to have your baby in your hospital... Read more…

December 12, 2016

Using Facebook In Your Adoption Search

With over 1.5 billion active users worldwide, Facebook may be one of the best ways to expand your adoption outreach. In this article, we will provide guidance on how to effectively use Facebook to connect with expectant parents considering adoption. Let’s start by taking a look at what other hopeful adoptive families are doing on Facebook. You can search within Facebook using terms such as “hopeful adoptive parents”, “hoping to adopt”, “looking to adopt”, etc. As you will see, there are many adoptive family pages out there. Some with under 100... Read more…

December 9, 2016

Creating Holiday Traditions As A Birthmother

Holiday traditions amongst families are a big deal. As birthmoms, knowing your child isn’t a part of these traditions can be hard. But you can create your own holiday traditions with your child. They may not be the same traditions your family has, but they can be special traditions between you and your child. Personally, my holiday tradition for my son revolves around ornaments. I recall browsing through the mall just before his first Christmas when he was just a couple of months old. I spotted a beautiful Precious Moments baby’s first Christmas ornament... Read more…

December 5, 2016

Surviving The Holidays As A Birthmother

Christmas (and other major holidays) as a birthmother is tough. You can almost physically see the missing chair at the dinner table. You know where your child’s stocking should hang on the chimney. You are keenly aware that holidays are a time for families to come together, but you aren’t your child’s everyday mother, and you are missing out. This can be a tough reality making the holidays a dreaded time of the year for many birthmothers. The good news is you can survive the holidays and hopefully enjoy them a little bit too! Below are some ways to... Read more…

November 21, 2016

What I’m Thankful For As A Birthmother

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Many people use this time of year to reflect on what they have and what they are thankful for. Over the past couple of years there has even been a social media movement where people list something they are thankful for every day. As a birthmother, adoption is often filled with grief and working through the hard stuff. But I like to try and find the good in all situations. So today I want to reflect on what I am thankful for in... Read more…

November 10, 2016

Signing Relinquishment Papers: What Needs to Change

There are many hot topic issues in the adoption community, as well as laws and procedures that some feel need to be changed. Today, I want to focus on a procedure I feel needs to be changed from my perspective as a birthmother and that is signing relinquishment papers.  First, I do want to say the laws surrounding relinquishment vary from state to state. The laws pertaining to your situation may be different. However, I know other... Read more…

October 27, 2016

What You Should Know About Meeting Birth Parents

Connections. They are what make life complete, allowing you to relate to another human being. We all have strong connections with our family, friends, or those we have known a long time. But how can we connect with an expectant mother we haven’t even met? How do we form a bond with someone who is faced with one of the biggest decisions of her life: Whether or not to place her baby for adoption? Through my experiences with adoption, I have found there are a few important things you can do when you Read more…

October 24, 2016

Adoption Videos

Why You Need An Adoption Profile Video There are many reasons not to create an adoption video: You don’t like the way you look on camera, your voice sounds funny, you are an extremely private family, and so on. And yet, in spite of all that, there are still several very good reasons why you should consider making one. Here are some of the best reasons you should consider adding an adoption profile video to your outreach:  • People like to watch videos. Videos are quick and easy to watch and (usually) more interesting than reading a lot of text.... Read more…

October 11, 2016

Calling Someone Else Mom

When I was pregnant and making an adoption plan, I didn’t give much thought to how I would feel hearing my son call someone else Mom. This is not often discussed with adoption professionals prior to placing a child for adoption. Some birthmoms (myself included) are blindsided with emotions when it first happens. Although I didn’t give it a ton of thought, I knew in the back of my mind that as a birthmom participating in an open adoption, one day I would hear... Read more…

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