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December 22, 2015

3 Tips To Improve Your Adoption Profile During the Holiday Season

Maybe you have a little time off during the holidays and want to make your profile all it can be. Or maybe your profile needs some pre-holiday attention but you are unsure where to begin.  Here are three easy things you can do today to help make your profile what it is meant to be- an honest reflection of you and the life you hope to share with a child.

Get In The Habit Of Adding Blog / Diary Entries

Every time you add to your diary, you are updating your profile.  Your diary is a quick and easy way to continue your story. The holidays are a great time to do this, as most people have special traditions and are creating new family memories.  Baking cookies? Decorating the tree? Gathering toys or food for a local charity? Take a picture and upload it with some meaningful text to your diary.  It doesn’t have to be long- just say something about what you are doing and how it relates to who you are, the parent you hope to be, or how you would include a child in it.  Here are even more adoption profile ideas for your holiday blog entries.

Polish Your Adoption Profile Writing

I love to see people getting beyond writing clichés and thinking outside of the box with their profile writing.  When a reader views your profile, she should be able to remember a few unique things about you, your traditions, or the life you hope to share. Things she is not going to read on a hundred other profiles. Maybe she will not remember your name. But she’ll remember that you have pancake breakfasts in your p.j.’s every Saturday or that your family has a mini football game of their own on Christmas morning.  I know it is easy to fall into the trap of writing in generalities. Maybe you are afraid to put yourself out there. But it is so important to be honest, ethical, and authentic. You deserve this and so do the expectant parents who will read your profile.

Evaluate Your Adoption Profile Photos

Go to your photo album in your profile and try and look at it with a fresh set of eyes.  When you glance at it can you quickly tell some things about you?  Your home and community?  Your family?  What you enjoy doing? If not, then make the additions it needs.  Without reading a word, your readers should be able to glance at your pictures and get a general feeling for you.  Once you have all of the pictures in place, be sure you have given them short and meaningful captions.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. I know the holidays are a busy time. But these updates will not take much time. And they will go a long way toward sharing the real you with your reader.  Happy Holidays!

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