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I'm Nancy (“Nansi” is the Haitian phonetic spelling of my name), and I live in New York. I'm excited to be on this journey to becoming a mom. I have always wanted to adopt, and have been thinking about all the different ways I will express my joy and love for the child who comes into my life. Whether tickling "I love yous" on their tummy, dancing together around the bedroom to Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby," or just pressing soft kisses to their forehead as they nap, I can't wait to share life with a child!

During the pandemic, I took a leap of faith and adopted a dog. I was matched with this beautiful, sweet, senior doggie--Nala. Nala loves cuddles and snuggles just as much as I do. I look forward to snuggling and cuddling with my little one soon.

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My parents were born in Haiti. I was born and raised in the US with a happy childhood in a community that instilled in me Black pride and advocacy (We elected the first Black mayor of NY state, Ron Blackwood). My favorite activity as a kid was reading and I used to get in trouble for my overdue library books! I ran cross country and track in high school and worked on the senior yearbook. After my parents divorced, my brother, sister and I lived with my mom in Mt. Vernon, NY. My father blessed us with 5 more siblings -- four boys and one girl. All together we are 8.

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Carimi Concert

Dancing to the hot beats of Kompa music at the Carimi concert held at Accor Arena in Paris. Bittersweet as we lost a beautiful soulful singer that same night, Mikaben.

Life is like a see-saw

Life is like a see-saw, full of ups and downs. I look forward to being there for my child and helping them get back to up when they are down.

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