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Expectant Mother - We are Lou and Nick...

In 2013 when we started our lives together, we spoke casually of what this moment would look like and how we would become dads. The crazy part of this now is that we are one step closer to making it a reality. We always knew that our top choice was going to be adoption.

We have to say, making this is interesting, and we cannot imagine how you feeling reading it. Clearly, the connection between you and us is so much more important than any words or pictures on a page. We cannot begin to understand the emotions that go into such an important decision. What we do know is, is that this is a gift to us and our family.

So thank you for making it this far and taking the time to consider us.

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Who We Are

We started off very typical for two gay men dating in the NYC/NJ area. Having some appetizers, conversation and next thing we knew we couldn’t get rid of each other!
In our defense, we had a great connection. We laughed for hours. And, if we remember correctly, way before our first date was over, Nick already had asked for a second date. It was the beginning of Spring 2013, we both worked in Manhattan, lived in NJ, and took advantage of the weather and the shared enjoyment of just being in the city. The more things we did together, the more we connected.

Laughter has always been at the core of our connection. Our sense of humor, our understanding of sarcasm and the ability to find humor and joy in various situations was something we both knew was rare to find in someone else. Even through difficult times, we use laughter and love to triumph through. Besides the jokes, we both continued to fall for the man we would one day call “husband.”

Over all the years together, we live for our adventures; whether it be vacation or a day trip or Saturday errands. We both love traveling and that could be anything from the ski slopes to the beach or from Disney World to Europe and all stops in between.

We also share a love of animals. We have two rescue dogs at home, Reece and Pope, and we are content just cuddling them, playing in the backyard, and extended walks around the neighborhood.

We spend most summer weekends at the Jersey Shore relaxing from the long week. We have to mention again that being physically active is a part of our daily lives. Being together has made us even more so because we have someone to share our passion with and push each other.

For us it's about having a good time and that includes things like hiking, skiing, biking, running on the beach, swimming, walking a new town for hours, or a day at the beach!

Adoption Diary

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Lou & Nick

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Lou & Nick