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Our Story

Our names are Anna and Nick and we very much want to start our family.

We worked at the same big box retail store for a couple of years before our paths crossed in 2013. Anna started working in the pharmacy and Nick in security – the security office was located behind the pharmacy. We chatted daily and, encouraged by friends and coworkers, started dating. We dated while Anna finished up nursing school, took her nursing board exam, started a new and challenging job, and eventually moved into her dream job. Nick was patient and supportive throughout. We were married in April of 2018 and moved into our home a few months later.

We can both be very silly and spend much of our time together laughing. During the week, we spend our evenings relaxing with TV, movies, and puzzles. Nick loves cooking – Anna not so much – and one of our favorite things to do together is to try new restaurants that have popped up throughout our city. We also love spending time with family and friends whenever possible. We enjoy traveling and exploring new places together. We went to Alaska on our honeymoon and look forward to planning our next trip.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our house is on a quiet cul-de-sac outside of the main metropolis of the city. We are close to retail stores, parks, several schools, and multiple churches; museums, ballparks, and the zoo are just a short drive away. The house is a Cape Cod with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a two-car garage connected to an unfinished basement. We have a lovely enclosed front porch that the cats enjoy on sunny days. We live a short distance from friends and family and like to entertain when we are able.

Anna (written by Nick)

adoptive family photo - Anna (written by Nick) Anna is the most kind and caring person that I know. I fell deeply in love with her because of the compassion and empathy she has for those around her. She is very loving and cares deeply about her family. She is always willing to put others’ needs ahead of her own. I remember early on in our relationship when Anna’s sister called because her husband needed to take an unexpected trip for work and she wondered if Anna could come and help with the children. Anna rearranged things with her job and headed to her sister’s. Even now, Anna emails and video calls with our nieces and nephews to stay up to date with them.

Anna is very considerate with every decision she makes. In fact, while we were looking at potential houses to buy, Anna made a point at looking at homes that would have enough room for my brother should something ever happen to my parents.

I am very fortunate to have married my best friend. I could not picture myself being with anyone else in this journey that we call life. I know that Anna will do all that she can to be the absolute best mother.

Nick (written by Anna)

adoptive family photo - Nick (written by Anna) Nick is a hardworking and loyal man. It is crystal clear to my family, and I’m sure his, that my happiness is most important to him. He makes me feel safe and secure all of the time. When we were looking at potential houses to purchase, he made it a priority to find a home that would be accessible for my father who uses a wheelchair. He, with the help of his father, built moveable ramps for the 2 steps into our house soon after we moved in.

He is loving and caring, which is evidenced by his relationship with our nieces and nephews and friends’ children. He’ll take them fishing or to the driving range when they are in town. He’ll get them small gifts when he comes across something he knows that they will love. Nick would drop anything to help a friend or family in need. If a friend doesn’t have a place to go for a holiday, he invites them to our family celebration.

Nick is truly my best friend; I cannot wait to see him as a father!

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Anna & Nick
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