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We are Andrea and Billy. We went to college together but didn't have our first date until years later when we saw each other out in a little beach town near our home. We have been together for 15 years and married for 9. Our personalities compliment and balance each other well.

We are constantly learning from each other and building a stronger bond through the moments that we share. We have both become better people for it. We are surrounded by wonderful family members and amazing friends. They have been there throughout the years for guidance and support.

Having children has always been something we envisioned for our lives together. Our dreams came true 6 years ago when we had our son, William. We have attempted to expand our family, but are unable to do so. We believe that building our family through adoption is part of our destined plan.

Our Home

We live in Lynbrook, New York. It is a small town with an old world charm to it. The community is very close and caring. I (Billy) am a teacher at the local high school. There are many other teachers who live locally and care a lot about the community. The village often hosts events and activities for the kids and community members. We live about fifteen minutes from the beatiful beaches of New York and are a short train ride to the city. Our home is a moderately sized colonial with an country, cozy feel to it. We pretty much have an open door to our niece and nephews who live across the street, as well as the other local kids who live on our block. The kids are constantly playing together outside and enjoying each others company. Our backyard is frequently a place of entertainment, especially in the summettime when our inground pool is open for business! We enjoy entertaining and having company to fill our home and hearts with love.


adoptive family photo - Andrea My wife, Andrea, is the most kind, loving, and caring person I know. Putting others needs above her own is what I admire most about her. She is an incredible woman and everyone's friend. Andrea has a rewarding career as a school counselor. She is really great with kids and takes pride in guiding her students in the right direction. She loves her job but looks forward to spending time at home with her family.

Andrea loves being outdoors. Whether it be hiking or bike riding, she is happiest when she is out and about. She takes time out to plan trips with her family and friends. She likes being on the mountain snow boarding and being on the beach building sand castles with William. Traveling the world and seeing different cultures and backgrounds amazes her.

Andrea is an exceptional person and an even better mom, she is the love of my life. Andrea's patience, and warmth is what makes her an amazing mother. I cannot wait for this next phase in our lives.


adoptive family photo - Billy My husband, Billy, is a wonderful man. I have always known him to be a dedicated, hard worker. He is one of those people who enjoys their work and does what makes them happy. Billy wears many hats. He is a school Spanish teacher where he also coaches the Lacrosse team. During the summer he is a part-time lifeguard near our home. He has an energy about him that makes him so special and unique. He truly enjoys every moment life has to offer.

Billy is an outdoors-man who loves to bike, hike and run. In his spare time he enjoys beach volleyball, surfing and snowboarding. He is a great navigator and leads the way to fun adventures while on vacation. Billy loves being around his family and friends. Our nieces and nephews enjoy spending time with their fun Uncle Billy! He is very sociable and gets along with everyone.

Our son, William absolutely adores him. They have an amazing relationship and enjoy speaking Spanish together. Billy shares all of his hobbies with William. It really is amazing to watch their bond. Expanding our family and bringing another child into our life and our love is going to be the greatest adventure of all.

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Andrea & Billy

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Andrea & Billy