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Our Family & Their Support

We believe people are what make life special. We feel so lucky to have a wonderful supportive friend group in Nashville who are like family to us. Our friends are always there for us and our community when in need. We love getting together to celebrate things like friendsgiving with lots of food and the summer backyard cookouts with home-made flower crowns. Everyone is excited about us building our family through adoption!

Both of us come from large extended families which means there will be lots more people to love your child! We love getting together with our extended families for big holiday celebrations like Christmas (Stephanie’s favorite holiday - so many decorations and singing and family dinners), as well as family trips to new places.

Stephanie’s Side of the Family:
Maybe the biggest cheerleader for this future child is Steph’s sister Anna. She is so excited to be an Aunty along with her partner Corie! Anna is a licensed therapist who cares so much for others and is also Steph’s best friend.

Stephanie’s dad is a semi-retired nurse and full-time woodworker who lives up north with a magical backyard for all his grandkids. Stephanie also has two step-siblings and loves to spend time with her nieces and nephew when she visits with them.

Stephanie’s mom is an active lady who lives in Florida and cannot wait to have Granny beach days in the future with our family.

Stephanie also has a large extended family with over 20 first cousins all around the US, whom she loves dearly.

Erik’s Side of the Family:
Erik comes from a large family and grew up with four sisters but he has also reconnected with half siblings (his younger brother and sister) from his biological father’s marriage bringing the grand total to 6 siblings!  Erik is the proud uncle of four nieces and four nephews.

Erik’s family has fun holiday traditions like an annual Christmas Vacation party that brings together the entire immediate family.  Erik’s parents rent a lake house every summer and invite the whole family to come and stay with them.

Erik’s sisters are all excited to have a new niece or nephew join the family. His brother in laws have been very supportive, particularly one of them who is adopted and has provided valuable insights into the feelings he had growing up.  His parents have been wonderful grandparents to their eight grandchildren and they are ready to love number nine!

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