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I will be a Mama Bear and love and support a child unconditionally.

Hi Mama’s,

I am a single female looking to adopt and finally become a mama! I am a Pediatric Nurse/Care Manager. I love my job! I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Nursing in 2012 and graduated with my Masters degree in Nursing in 2019. I have everything I want in life except for a baby. I have wanted to be a mom since I was a kid myself. I was a babysitter, a nanny, and now a Pediatric Nurse!

With my college education completed and career attained at this time in my life a baby would get my full love and attention. I am financially stable and can provide everything a child wants and needs. I have a supportive family with children of all ages and ethnicities and your child will be loved and accepted into my loving family.

I want my child to know their cultural background, ethnicity and their families traditions. It is important to me that my adoptive child knows where he came from and is able to connect with his/her identity.

I want our relationship to be as open as you would like. I am more than happy to be apart of your family and surround my adoptive child with the love from your family as well as mine. I will also respect your wishes if a closed adoption is what you desire/need. If a closed adoption is requested please know I will think of you and pray for you daily.

I am home study approved and working with an amazing agency that takes great care of the expectant moms through pregnancy, placement, and post-placement. Their life-long commitment to birth mothers/fathers is the reason I choose to work with them.

* Home Study Ready
* Open or closed - YOUR choice
* Any Race/Gender
* Special needs/ Extra TLC welcome

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Who I Am

I was very education and career driven and dating took a back seat in my life. After graduating nursing school I put off dating because I wanted to focus on learning to be the best nurse I can be.

I have dated amazing guys in the past the relationship just didn't progress to marriage and babies. However, I will not let that stop me from becoming a Mommy.

Adoption Diary

You’re strong, You’re brave, You’re loved!

Although placing your child is your decision, its still not an easy decision to make. I wanted to ensure the expectant mother that places their child with me is cared for throughout the adoption process and after.

When looking for an adoption agency I looked for 3 things

1. Non-profit - I don’t feel comfortable with anyone or an organization profiting off of my yearn for a child or an expectant mothers struggle.

2. Support and genuine guidance for the expectant mother.

3. Personal references regarding the adoption process and the adoption team!

In my search I found Caring for Kids. They are a non-profit with glowing reviews from birth mom’s as well as adoptive mom’s. CFK also provides life-long support for birth mom’s. CFK has retreats, meet-ups, and a fb support page.

I am happy to say my homestudy is through CFK! Once I match myself CFK will be there to finalize the adoption and take good care of the expectant mom.

They say it take a village to raise a kid and its okay to admit you as a birth mama need your own village of support!

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