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Our Story

We’re Emily and Spencer! We met in college and had an instant spark because we had such similar upbringings. We were both born and raised in Northern California and have families who have been here for generations. Nowadays, we both love our work as educators on the bustling campus of the University of California, Davis and enjoy working with college students to help them find their own path.

As a couple, we also love that we can be so different. Spencer is an outgoing extrovert and Emily is a reserved introvert. Spencer is a creative, artistic soul and Emily is more of a nerdy scientist. But, these yin-yang qualities between our personalities are what bring a wonderful source of balance and happiness to our marriage.

Even though our personalities are different, our values are what make us one. Together, we strongly value education, curiosity and exploration, building community, cooking for others, game nights, and spending time in nature. We can’t wait to raise a child in a home surrounded by a diverse community, the great outdoors, and lots of loving and supportive family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live just outside of the charming college town of Davis, CA, in a quiet neighborhood with lots of families and about a dozen kids on our block so far! We own a cute ranch-style home, and our backyard looks onto open farmland filled with sunflowers and tomatoes where we take our dog for walks each day. We are within walking distance of great schools and lots of public parks, and just a short drive from rivers, mountains, and the ocean.

We enjoy going to local concerts, sporting events, and the amazing farmer’s markets right at our workplace! We’re fortunate to be surrounded by diverse cultures, languages, and traditions – which we look forward to sharing with a little one someday.

Meet Emily (by Spencer)

adoptive family photo - Meet Emily (by Spencer) Emily has the rare gift of being both “head-smart” and “heart-smart.” She is very empathetic and dedicated to family, and it is amazing to see the way she connects with children, especially our two nieces as they play make-believe and read stories together. She is always curious to learn and achieve new things, which is why she was the first in her family to earn a PhD! Emily has spent her career mentoring young people in the sciences and promoting the importance of education – and she will undoubtedly pass these values on as a mother.

Emily also loves being active and spending time outdoors, whether it’s trail running, cycling, hiking, or camping in the mountains. She’s a smart, accomplished, loving, strong woman… and, I can’t wait to see her be a mom.

Meet Spencer (by Emily)

adoptive family photo - Meet Spencer (by Emily) Spencer will always have the soul of a teacher. He is passionate about education and mentoring young adults to become the best versions of themselves. He, too, loves to learn new things and reads just about anything he can get his hands on. When our home study caseworker suggested some reading material about open adoption, every book listed was on its way to our house by the next day. Spencer also strives every day to learn more about himself so that he can be a better partner, son, friend, and one day, parent. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so ready and open to be a loving father.

Spencer also loves all things MUSIC — playing music, listening to music, and learning about music. He plays several different instruments, with his one true love being the drums. We have a music room in our house for him, and our next adventure is buying a piano so that we can both learn to play!

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