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Andrea & Dave

To Someone Special who we will hold dear in our hearts,

We are Andrea and David and we are a loving married couple in our early 30s looking to bring a baby into our home. We are excited to embark on this journey as we grow our family through the beautiful world of adoption. We are looking to adopt a newborn baby (or babies!!!!) and we are home study approved and willing to pay for all allowable expenses.
Our adoption lawyer is on standby to help us with everything to make it as smooth as possible. Thank you for doing the most selfless act of choosing us to care for your child and giving us your miracle.

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Who We Are

We both met 16 years ago in high school and became friends. Secretly we both had a crush on each other.
Throughout the short years after high school, we went our different ways as Dave went into the Army and Andrea went to nursing school.
We always kept in touch checking in to see how we were both doing as our "crush" was always lingering in the back ground.
We both ended up going to the YMCA close to our old neighborhood and just hit it off. Our old feelings just burst into love! There we were planning our whole life together knowing that we needed each other in it.
We then took time to further our careers and ended up buying a house in the Adirondacks where we have built the foundation to our whole life.

We both enjoy the outdoors including kayaking, hiking, boating, lake side beaching, scuba diving, walking our dogs, swimming and fishing. The outdoors help us decompress and reconnect to everyone around us. It is a great way to bring people together! Our family lives close so we are able to spend time with family members for dinners and BBQs.

Family means the world to the both of us. Our whole life has been built on caring for others and building a wonderful support system full of family members and a close nit group of friends. As our siblings have multiple children, our future children with be very loved and adored by their cousins.
They will have loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, and fur siblings who will cherish them.


Every Easter we used to have Easter egg hunts and dinner at Andrea's maternal grandparent's home. After she passed, we started having this at Andrea's mother's house and David's mother's house.

Every year we always get together for multiple BBQs throughout the Summer and early Fall at parents or different siblings houses.

Thanksgiving is usually at a siblings house during the month of November.

Every Christmas eve we look forward to going to the midnight mass. It is such a peaceful time and is always full of joy. We look forward to hearing "silent night" and seeing the happiness on everyone's face as they hold their family close.

Christmas day will be spent in pajamas and slippers. This is a time to relax and appreciate our family together. We wrap up Daphne and Apollos toys so they can run down to the tree and open them with their mouths! They may be the world's most pampered dogs!

We then have a Christmas gathering for the whole family to go to which is usually at our house during the month of December or January.

Adoption Diary

Showing the world who we are!

We have been trying to get the word about us being able to adopt out there as much as possible!
We have been telling friends, family, co-workers and anyone we come in contact with.
We made adoption flyers and have been bringing them to local community boards, laundry mats, Stewarts shops, Tops grocery, mission centers.

The pups have been driving along and supporting us to help them find a sister, brother, or both!!!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Andrea & Dave

844-681-0402 (toll-free)

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Andrea & Dave