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Home-made everyday!

Well, almost everyday :) We love cooking from scratch at home, and love trying new dishes and some classics as well. Here we made a chicken-vegetable pie, garlic roasted cauliflowers and a Brazilian recipe of collard greens. Delicious!! Read more »

Happy Anniversary!

We start our week-long Wedding Anniversary celebration! We got married first in the US, and a week later in Brazil, with large parties in both! Miriam chose the colors of the flowers and made this arrangement to decorate the house. Read more »

¿Como Ewerton aprendió el Español?

Hoy nos gustaria hablar a nuestras amigas y amigos hispanohablantes. Si tuvo una oportunidad de leer un poco de nuestra historia, lo sabes que Ewerton nasció en Brasil. Y en Brasil las personas hablan el Portugues! Poquissimas personas conocen el Español allá. Pero por otro lado algunas partes de la cultura de otros paises Read more »

The art of scrapbooking!

I read that scrapbooking started in England in the 19th century, done specially by family members that wanted to preserve their history and stories. Miriam’s mom is an expert on ancestry research and loves to scrapbook. She is really talented and experienced, and has an entire wall top to bottom filled with art material Read more »

Quem tem amigos, tem tudo!

Hoje eu gostaria de espressar minha gratidão pelos meus amigos. A comunidade de brasileiros aqui é muito forte e se ajuda muito, e não posso deixar de dizer o quanto eu aprecio a companhia e ajuda deles. A todos os nossos amigos, um grande abraço! Vocês são demais! Read more »

Hiking through Land’s End in San Francisco

SF has many trails within the city, and Land’s End is just magnificent, with views of the Golden Gate and the Pacific Ocean. Today we went from the Legion of Honor all the way to [Eagle Point Overlook](https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/lands-end-trail). Read more »

How much we like travelling?

We are back here in San Francisco to pick up our car from the repair shop (it was waiting for parts for 3 months!). Finally we have it working again. To enjoy the trip we stopped by the Spark Social SF for lunch, where they have lots of food trucks available (20 or more). Read more »

Florida family!

We came across this picture of a trip we took a couple of years ago with some of Miriam’s Florida family. We love traveling there as often as we can! Read more »

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