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Katy and Kyle

Beach Couple hoping to become parents!

Hello! We are Katy and Kyle, a fun and unique couple living at the beach who are hoping to become first time parents. We have longed to be parents for quite some time, and have so much love to share with our future child. We cannot wait to envelope them in this love and make so many special memories with our child. A large part of our life is the beach and being outdoors, and we cannot wait to share this life with our child. Our family is very important to us as well and especially spending time with our three nephews. We are also "Aunt Kiki" and "Uncle Kyle" to our friends' children who we also spend a lot of time with on the beach and playing outside.

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We met through a mutual friend over 10 years ago. Our love grew early in our relationship and we knew we had something special. Our first few years of dating were full of fun and adventure. Katy has a very large friend group that is extremely important to her. We regularly planned activities with Katy’s friends that Kyle joined without hesitation. We travelled together; spent holidays together, attended friend’s weddings (Katy has been a bridesmaid 13 times), and ate weekly meals together. Kyle quickly integrated into Katy’s group of friends and became one of the “frizzles” as they called themselves. If Kyle could fit in with this group and hold his own, we knew he was a true life partner. We knew we wanted to become parents before we were married, so we started our journey to parenthood shortly after marrying. We had discussed and considered adoption and foster care, and we began pursuing these paths about a year after realizing that biological children may not be part of our path to parenthood. We started by becoming licensed foster parents while also researching adoption agencies.

Becoming foster parents to our foster daughter was one of most joyous moments of our life although we recognize it came out of significant hardship for her and her parents. We fully opened our hearts to her knowing she might not be with us long term. The love that grew for her was unlike anything we’ve experienced. We know we will experience this on an even higher level with a child of our own and cannot wait for this. Our love for one another also grew through this experience as we witnessed each other nurture this child with such delicate care and concern. Kyle’s soft spirit became even softer and Katy’s motherly instincts were only heightened. We held each other in tears as we said goodbye to her when we handed her over to her family members who would continue to help her grow and thrive. We continue to maintain a relationship with her and are close with her family. And they have supported us as we pursue adoption- they are such a wonderful family and we love them so much!

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Katy and Kyle

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Katy and Kyle