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We met in 2005 in Manhattan and became friends almost immediately. Our first few years together were an adventure. The first year of our relationship was long distance which provided some challenges, but it also gave us the opportunity to truly learn everything about one another by having endless phone conversations and visiting each other whenever possible. Then our second year together, we moved to Siena, Italy for a year in order for Joann to complete part of her Master’s degree. After those first two years of traveling and adventure, we landed in Brooklyn, NY. We married in 2012 and after 14 years together, we are still here, by each other's side. We consider ourselves so lucky to have found one another and we try our best every day to not take that for granted. Throughout our relationship, we’ve been lucky enough to travel to many places, but in the end no matter where we are, as long as we are together, we are happy and everything else is just icing on the cake. Though our struggle with infertility was difficult, it served us by making us stronger and closer as a couple. It also showed us that in times of need we are there for each other and it made us realize that we did not need a biological connection to our child in order to love him or her unconditionally. Our path may not be one most couples have to travel, but because of the strong base we have, we have been able to get through everything together. Our hearts are filled with love and excitement at the thought of becoming parents and we can’t wait to share all the love we have in our hearts with a child. Oh, and we can’t forget about Lorenzo! We rescued our dog Lorenzo four years ago. He is just the sweetest little dog that anyone could ever ask for. He is so gentle and loving with everyone and especially loves being around small children!

Our Home

We live in a two-bedroom apartment with ample outdoor space in Brooklyn, New York. We have a vegetable and plant garden. We reside in a traditionally Italian neighborhood with many “mom and pop” stores. The elderly Italians in the neighborhood are friendly and sometimes invite us in for espresso. Our neighborhood has many parks with playgrounds. There is a community center around the corner from our apartment building, and a highly esteemed school around the block. The apartment has an open concept, and consists of a kitchen, with washer and dryer, living room, full bathroom, and two bedrooms.


adoptive family photo - Joann The old saying goes, “when you know; you know” and when I met Joann I knew immediately my life would forever change. She is beautiful, smart, funny, driven and the most loyal, caring person I have ever met. I could tell instantly by the way she treated others (not just her family and friends) that she was empathetic and kind. She has always been strong of mind and body, going the extra mile to take care of her health both mental and physical. We have grown together in many ways, but I am always learning from her and admiring how she approaches life. Joann has worked tirelessly with children to expose them to education and adventure in the past 10 years and I look up to her capacity and patience for that work. She is remarkably loyal and present with her family, a trait that I have been witness to through the highs and lows of adult life. It seems everyone around her is of utmost importance and their happiness translates directly to her own; she shows this with her relationships with her immediate family, her nephews, nieces and her friends. Even if I
was not lucky enough to be married to her, I would trust Joann with my life...she is that kind of friend and person. All of these personality traits and more are what I know will make her a wonderful mother. Whatever the great “It” thing is that you cannot put your finger on when you meet someone new, Joann has “it” in spades.


adoptive family photo - Jay Jay has always been and still is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met and I truly mean that. He has always made it a priority to make me feel special. If I mention something I like, it inevitably ends up under the Christmas tree or as a gift for my birthday. Speaking of birthdays, a few years ago, Jay started a new tradition where he gets me a cake every day for the week leading up to my birthday. Not to mention that for his birthday, he gets me an “unbirthday” gift, a tradition that his parents started. Sometimes, I see him write something down that I said, just so that he can surprise me as soon as I forget about it. Jay also loves to sing and has on several occasions written and recorded songs for me. He is a true romantic and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jay is an incredibly hard worker. He is a person who always strives to be better and learns from his experiences. My family and friends absolutely adore Jay and he especially made my father so proud when he asked for my hand in marriage. I know that whatever your child wants to be, Jay is going to be in their corner cheering them on just like he does with me. He has so much more love to give and I can’t wait to experience life with him as a parent.

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