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Hi, we’re Mark and Eleanor (Ellie)! Thank you for visiting our page, we are excited to share our story with you on why we are adopting and who we are.

Our story is similar to many couples that find each other online, but that day, the day that we met online, felt like the stars were aligned. Back in 2012, Eleanor, new to online dating, created a profile and matched with many guys and Mark, was one of them. Mark, who has been using online dating apps, got a message from Eleanor, replied, and hit it off and went on a first date. The first date was to a baseball game, because Eleanor, a Mets fan and Mark, a Yankee fan decided to go to a game, tickets were cheap, and perhaps finding each other’s differences (Mets and Yankees rivalry) was a good place to start in finding commonalities. And we really enjoyed each other’s company. We had many of the same interests and our lifestyle complemented each other. Throughout our relationship we enjoy traveling, hiking, and cooking dinners together. After several years of dating, Mark proposed to Eleanor at Eleanor’s favorite spot, Niagara Falls. We got married in 2016.

We always knew that we wanted to start a family, but we found out after a year of trying that we couldn’t conceive a child naturally. We took our time to discuss our options and our decision always came back to adoption. We decided that adoption was something we both felt was right for our family and so we started our journey with Adoption STAR. We are ready to become parents and cannot wait to welcome a child into our family!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a three-bedroom, bi-level house on 1.5 acres of land. We have a huge kitchen (we love to cook and bake), a dining room and a cozy sitting room upstairs. Downstairs, we have a living room and entertainment area. Our house has plenty of yard space for a child to run around and play, inside or out. We enjoy BBQing on the deck during the summer months and inviting family and friends over.

Our house is on a quiet street, our neighbors very friendly and we are not far from the town’s main area. We enjoy the peacefulness and quiet nature of our town. We live in the vicinity of three different playgrounds, a strip mall with restaurants and shops, along with our favorite ice cream shop, pizzerias, and supermarkets.

The community parks have lots of events for families. We like going to minor league baseball games, fireworks events, food festivals, and our county fairs. We consider our area to be a very family-friendly community.

Eleanor (by Mark)

adoptive family photo - Eleanor (by Mark) Eleanor is my forever love. She is smart, sensible and kind. We are completely compatible and we love to do things together from hiking, cooking, to running an errand. She is open-minded and sees the good in a lot of things.

I believe my wife will be a great mother because of how she interacts with our nieces and nephew. She has a calm voice when she explains things to children. I cannot wait for us to raise a child.

Mark (by Eleanor)

adoptive family photo - Mark (by Eleanor) Mark is my partner in life. He is sweet, smart and funny and he makes me laugh a lot (mostly doing silly dances). He's genuine, hardworking and takes responsibility to get things done whether it is meeting deadlines at work or doing chores around the house.

We think on the same wavelength sometimes and when we don’t, he is good at compromising. Example, compromising where we go or what to have for dinner if we were not in the mood for the same meal.

Mark will be an amazing parent, for one thing, he is a very patient person and with his love for history, he would be good at teaching a child many things from how things work to where did something come from. (He has some practice with his nephew and niece).

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Mark & Eleanor

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Mark & Eleanor