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We both enjoy getting out on the dance floor at a wedding! Kate credits her dance moves and rhythm to her days as an Irish step dancer. She is known to break out a jig if Shipping Off to Boston comes on! Read more »


Seamus is a man of many talents! He learned how to sail as a child on the Charles River in Boston. When we lived in Boston when used to go out sailing all the time. Read more »

Afternoon Reading

Spring afternoons are for reading on the deck! Nellie may not be a lap dog but she certainly thinks that she is and we don’t mind it at all. We are hoping to make Nellie a big sister and welcome an adopted child into our family. Read more »


Sometimes we find waterfalls when we go for hikes.  Other times we look at the camera when a photo is being taken. Hoping to welcome a little hiker into our family soon! Read more »


Seamus and I met playing softball for our company in Boston about 10 years ago. We had so much fun on that team and still keep in touch with all our softball friends. Hoping to welcome a little softball player of our own. Read more »

Local News Article on Our Adoption Journey

We are very grateful to Rockaway Times for writing a beautiful piece on our adoption journey. The outpouring of kind words and support from our friends and neighbors has been overwhelming. The article is available online at https://rockawaytimes.com/index.php/columns/7674-kate-and-seamus-hope-to-adopt Read more »

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung here in New York! Kate spent time replanting all of her house plants before tackling the outside garden. Nellie is hiding in the back, but made for a good little helper! We are hoping to expand our family through adoption soon! Read more »

Shark Boat Captain

Summer is almost here and that means more time on the Shark Boat! We spend many days on Kate’s Dad’s boat. Seamus is a captain in training! We are hoping to welcome an adopted newborn in our family and onto the Shark Boat! Read more »

Best Dog in the World!

We have had so much fun with our new dog Nellie. She has a wonderful temperament and loves both kids and other dogs. We are hoping to welcome an adopted newborn into our family. Nellie wants to be a big sister! Read more »


We love spending time outside and this picture was taken on a hike in California. We are hoping to adopt a newborn as our first child and introduce them to our love of the outdoors! Little hikers welcome! Read more »

Committed Marriage

We have been together for 10 years and married for 4 years. We have a loving and committed relationship and hope to welcome an adopted newborn as our first child. Read more »

Park Next to Our Home

We are home study approved to adopt! This picture was taken by a park just steps from our home. We hope to welcome an adopted newborn into our home as our first child! Read more »

Brooklyn Bridge

We are hoping to take more trips into the city soon! This picture was taken when walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. We are hoping to welcome an adoptive newborn into our lives and introduce them to everything NYC has to offer! Read more »

Boat Time

The warmer weather means we will be spending time on the Shark Boat again! We love getting together with Kate’s family on her Dad’s boat. We are hoping to add to our family and welcome an adoptive child into our home (and onto our boat!). Read more »


Our family camping trips have become a great tradition! Seamus is really the one who got Kate’s family into camping and now we all go twice a year. We enjoy the quiet time away from TV and devices. We are looking forward to introducing our adoptive child to all the fun of camping! Read more »

Family Day

Family trips to Mets games are always a fun day! We look forward to growing our family and welcoming an adoptive child into our lives. Read more »

Quality Time

The cargo pants may have been a terrible fashion choice, but going to the Ryder Cup with my dad when it was in our town is one of my favorite memories. He taught me how invaluable days like this are to a young person. I hope to be golfing with our child at some point in the future! Read more »

Boston Days

We have always enjoyed living near the water. When we lived in Boston, we spent a lot of time walking the beaches of the Boston harbor (pictured here). We look forward to welcome an adoptive child into our lives and sharing our love for the water. Read more »

Tea Party

Someone call the Dowager Countess of Grantham, it’s teatime! Looking forward to adding a little one to our tea parties! Read more »


We look forward to welcoming an adoptive child into our family! We have been enjoying the beautiful weather recently and hope to add little one to our hikes upstate. Read more »

Museum Trip

Culture and education are going to be foundations when raising a child in our home. There will be many museum trips! This is one of our favorites. Read more »

Growing our Family

Nellie enjoyed our trip update last weekend! We had a nice break, enjoying a few hikes and a fire outside. We look forward to making new memories when welcoming an adoptive child. Read more »

Bungalow Season

Bungalow season is upon us! Family is very important to us and we enjoy spending time with Kate’s family at her parents bungalow, a summer home on a dock over the bay. We look forward to adding an adoptive child to our families. Read more »

Home Project

Spring is bringing lots of home projects. Seamus is renovating a bench that washed up on the beach over the winter. We joke that we are only furnishing the house with beach finds these days! Looking forward to welcoming an adoptive child into our warm and loving beachside home. Read more »

Hoping to Adopt

Our hearts and home are open to an adoptive child. We have longed to add to our family for several years and know that we can give a child all of the love, support and security they need. Read more »

Family Time with Puzzles

Spending time with family has always been a priority for us. We enjoy board games and did a lot of puzzles over the winter. As adoptive parents, we will bond our child in similar ways as a they grow up. Read more »

Weekend Trip

We are home study approved and our home is a place of love, security and fun. These days with Nellie, when we decide to go away for the weekend, we have a full cart. Luckily Seamus is an expert packer! Looking forward to adding another member to our family! Read more »

Upstate Weekend

We had a nice weekend update with Nellie. Lots of hikes and time by the fire. Nellie is going to make such a good big sister! Read more »

Beachside Home

We look forward to sharing our lives with adoptive child and welcoming them into our beachside home. Our favorite place in town is definitely, THE BEACH! Whether we are hanging out with friends or hunting for seaglass and driftwood, most of our summer days revolve around time spent on the beach just steps from our front Read more »

On the Lookout

Nellie is on the lookout for a birth mother today. Nellie is just as excited to add to our family. She is going to make a great big sister! Read more »

Our Hearts and Home are Open

Our hearts and home are open for an adoptive child. Our favorite feature of our home is our fireplace. You can find us snuggled up by the fire with Nellie all winter. You can also spot our Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the corner of this picture! Read more »

Cooking Time!

We are hoping to welcome an adoptive child to our home. Sundays in our home have always been a big day for cooking! You will find Kate prepping soup for the week or whipping up a quiche. This picture was taken right before cooking French onion soup. Our favorite! Read more »

A Beautiful Place to Raise a Child

Our neighborhood is a beautiful place to raise a family and we hope to welcome an adoptive child into our lives soon. Across the street from our house is a National Park that has great hiking trails, as well as miles of ocean facing beaches! Nellie likes to keep an eye out for the birds! Read more »

Our Heritage

Fun fact! We got engaged on St. Patrick’s Day in 2015. Since we both hail from large Irish families, we always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and now it is even more special because it reminds us of our engagement. <3 Read more »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Nellie is ready to celebrate! Hoping that St. Patrick brings us luck as we begin our adoption journey! We are continuing our tradition of corned beef, cabbage and Irish soda bread today. Looking forward to sharing our family traditions with an adoptive child! Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Slainte! Read more »

Our Home!

We have worked hard to make our house a home. We both work from home and will remain working from home after the pandemic. We are lucky to have this ability. It will help us achieve work/life balance when we welcome an adoptive child. Read more »

Looking forward to spring!

Spring cannot come soon enough! On our walk today with Nellie, with unusually cold March temperatures, we were thinking about warmer days and new life in the coming months. Read more »

Walks with Nellie

This our dog, Nellie. She is a rescue from Georgia and brings us so much joy. In this picture, we are taking her for a walk on the beach near our house. Read more »

About This Diary

Our adoption diary will be a look into our everyday lives. From taking Nellie for walks on the beach to cooking a new recipe, you can see how we live.

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