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Chris & Ashby

We are Ashby and Chris. We thank you so much for your consideration. We hope you can get to know us more.

Hi, we are Chris and Ashby. First and foremost, we owe you our eternal gratitude for considering us to be the adoptive parents of your child. It takes so much courage, bravery, and vulnerability to consider an adoptive plan for your child. We understand how difficult this decision must be and you have our unending support and our utmost admiration.

We’d love to share a little bit about who we are and where we have come from. We hope that in reading this, you will find a connection with our story and our family. We will offer you our promise that if granted the opportunity, we would love your child as our own and provide them the best possible life that we could. We are emotionally, logistically and financially ready to make your child our highest priority.

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Who We Are

Ashby and I met in the most random of ways. We were both attending a flamenco concert of a very good friend of ours-Elena was my childhood best friend and Ashby and Elena were colleagues and then very good friends, so both of us were there to support her. We were standing in line right behind one another, but complete and utter strangers to one another at the time. Elena’s sister came to greet me and introduced me to Ashby while waiting in line. We always laugh because Ashby arrived with her overwhelming positivity and commented how excited she was to see the concert. I replied with my typical dry and sarcastic humor by saying, “Don’t get too excited. It is beginner flamenco.” She immediately broke out in laughter and I will tell you that we truly have been laughing ever since. We are very much yin and yang, which makes such a perfect compliment in our daily lives.

We decided to go out to dinner with all of Elena’s friends after the performance and truly only wanted to talk to one another. As the dinner ended, I told Ashby that I lived close by (which was a complete white lie) and that I was going to walk home hoping that she would decide to walk with me so we could have some more time getting to know one another. She accepted my invitation and told me that she too lived close by (another white lie) and as we walked thirty, forty and then fifty blocks, we both looked at each other and said, “You didn’t live close by either, did you”. We laughed at the fact that we both fell for each other’s little white lies and from that moment on, we hardly have spent any time apart.

We knew that this was something special and we made another date to meet a few days later and another and another one after that. We have been walking blocks and blocks ever since and we never seem to get tired of walking home together, so we decided to walk together for the rest of our lives.

Our Wedding
Ashby and I have always been extremely committed to one another and always knew that we would be together forever whether we were married or not, but we both felt very strongly about sharing our love with our family and friends. We decided to have two steps to our wedding day-one that was filled with friends and family at the beach exchanging hand written vows and one was at the city court house to make it all official.

At the time of our wedding, we had bought a beach house, so we had friends and family gather there for a fun and relaxing day playing in the pool and having a barbeque during the day and as the sun began to go down, we had a beautiful celebration at the ocean to commit our love to one another forever in marriage. We made our bouquets from flowers from the farm stand, we all had bare feet and we said our vows just after a quick rain shower that left the most beautiful rainbow above all of our family and friends. It was magical in every way and as it ended, we gathered in cars filled with friends and family, listened to great music and drove to our favorite restaurant to eat fish tacos on the beach. A few weeks later, we married at city hall and made it official even though we felt we had done that already.

We were eight months pregnant with our son Sawyer at the time, so wobbling over to city hall was quite an effort, but incredibly special as it had just become legal for us to marry just a few short months before. It was perfect in every way and we will never forget those two days for the rest of our lives-the rainbows, the bare feet, homemade flower arrangements, great music with the windows open, the fish tacos and friends and loved ones all around and the historic act of being legally recognized while pregnant. Simple and easy and perfect for us.

Chris's Thoughts on Ashby

Ashby is one of the most caring and generous people that I have ever met, which is what drew me to her immediately. She dedicates her life both personally and professionally to caring for others and the love that emanates from her is not only beautiful, but also contagious. She encourages you to be a better version of yourself and is patient and understanding even when you can’t always be that!
Ashby has the same thoughts and feelings about family that I do, which also made me realize that she was the absolute perfect person for me. She is fiercely devoted to her family and always makes them a priority in her life. She loves children and is her most playful and silly self around them.

She always wants to incorporate friends and family in our daily life, which fits in perfectly with my love of entertaining. She is always the life of the party while also being the best shoulder to cry on. When I think of words that would describe Ashby to a tee, it would be loving, beautiful, funny, driven, charismatic, generous, giving, intelligent, playful and loyal. After all of these years together, she is still the one person in the room that I always want to talk to and luckily, I get to do that each and every day.

Ashby's Thoughts on Chris

Chris is one of the most resilient, driven people I have ever met. She is gifted, intelligent, creative, and generous.
Chris was the most beautiful person when I met her, and still today, makes me proud to be with her. She is an AMAZING parent. She is 100% invested and committed to our family. Whether she is making the most amazing baked brie for friends or baking Valentine's Day cookies for the kids - she is the most fun and always up for an activity and challenge.
Chris is loyal, almost to a fault. She will always stick up for who and what she believes in - and is always the first to say "I'm sorry".

Chris is beautiful, loving, funny, talented, giving, and one of the best people I have ever known. She amazes people with her talent in photography, interior design, cooking, parenting, entertaining, (unfortunately, not dancing), and artistic ability.
She has a fire in her belly and a real purpose in this world. She has survived so many things and clearly is meant for something great. Due to this, she is a uniquely wonderful partner and the parent you could only hope for.

Adoption Diary

Why We Want to Adopt a Child

With both Ashby and I coming from such large families, we both always wanted to raise more than one child. Chris had a tremendous amount of difficulty conceiving Sawyer and it took several years and multiple attempts to try and get pregnant. On the very last try, we were lucky enough to get pregnant with Sawyer. Ashby found out, not long after having Sawyer that she too was unable to get pregnant and although it was a very difficult thing to grapple with, she feels excited about the possibility of adoption. Sawyer has been asking for a brother or sister since the day that he could speak. He asks on a daily basis, “When is my baby going to come?” It is hard to tell who is more excited to have a new member of our family-him or us!

We have always wanted to adopt a child into our family even before we knew we weren’t able to conceive another child. We have spoken about it for years and are so excited for this opportunity. We honor you and all that you are going through and having faced loss ourselves both individually and as a couple; we can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you.

We will protect, love and hold that child every day that you cannot and we will love them forever and ever. We give you our word.


Vacations are a huge part of our yearly plans. We try and go to a new and exciting place each year. We gravitate toward warm, island destinations in winter and sprinkle those trips with ski weekends and grandma and grandpa visits at their homes throughout the year.
We went to Barbados last year and had an absolute blast snorkeling, learning to surf and renting a jeep and exploring the island. We got to swim with sea turtles and explore caves on a deserted beach. Chris photographs surfers, so we all had fun watching them surf some of the biggest waves in the world.

We also went to Nantucket and Cape Cod last year, which was filled with early evening scooters around the island and ice cream cones after dinner. We spend time in Southampton, NY each year and try and make a yearly trip to Florida and see grandparents for some fun in the pool and at the beach. Travel is so incredibly important to our family and it is so exciting to see where we will go next.
We like to plan it as a family and always love the feeling of leaving the plane and having the warm sun on our heads after leaving freezing cold Connecticut. It is always something to look forward to and something that we hope our kids will carry on with their kids when they get older.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Chris & Ashby

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Chris & Ashby