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We met in September 2014, when we were introduced to each other by a clown. I doubt that many people can say that! Rob’s Aunt Nancy is a professional clown who often works at the base where Shane is an Air Force reservist. At an event she found out that Shane was single and told him she had the guy for him.

Fast forward a few weeks later and Shane reached out via Facebook and we began chatting over the phone. Our first date was at a local Thai restaurant, then we headed over to the beach to hangout. Next thing we knew five hours had passed by! The next morning, we had our second date and from that day on we’ve only been separated by travel for work or the military. In September of 2015 we got engaged and a year later on September 16, 2016 we were married on the beach.

Since then our life has been full of adventure and fun times! We both love to travel and have been on five cruises since we met. So far, we have been to most of the Caribbean islands and last year we were lucky enough to travel to Greece and Italy. We have a cruise crew that we travel with and they always add to the fun! We look forward to one day sharing our love and joy of travel with a child.

Our Home

We live in a small shore town in New Jersey in a spacious two-story cape cod style home with our two dogs; Lily a 10-year-old miniature schnauzer and Riley who is a 5-year-old dachshund terrier mix. These two little pups are both extremely playful and loving. Our home has been a labor of love for us as we have completely renovated it since we bought it a few years ago.

We love our neighborhood, which offers so much in such a small radius. There are schools, parks, the beach, a community center, and great locally owned restaurants all within walking distance. Best of all we have family and friends that live right around the block!

About Rob (From Shane)

Rob is the yin to my yang; he keeps me balanced and we work well together as a team. Rob is very personable, intelligent, and especially attractive with gorgeous blue eyes. Although he loves to travel, Rob is a homebody that enjoys taking care of the house and hosting family and friends for informal get togethers. One of the things I am most proud of about Rob is his integrity and the way that he treats other people; everywhere he works he becomes one of the most beloved people in the office, the one everyone comes to when they need help, guidance, and advice.

When it comes to kids, Rob’s caring nature makes him a natural. He loves to spend time with our nieces, nephews, and our friend’s son even refers to him as Uncle Rob. I know that he will be an amazing dad who will always be devoted and make your child his first priority.

About Shane (From Rob)

In addition to being devilishly handsome, charming, witty, and smart, Shane is one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. There is a reason so many people want to spend time with him and be around him or ask him for help. He always makes time for people and wants to help them however he can, whether it’s giving work advice, editing a resume or job application, or helping someone figure out a personal or professional problem. He is extremely dedicated to his family, job, and his military career. I have always admired these qualities about him, and it is one of the many reasons I fell in love with him and a huge reason why I think he will be a very loyal, dedicated and dependable father.

Seeing how Shane interacts and cares for our nieces, nephews, and our friend’s children demonstrates how natural and great of a dad he will be. He embodies all of the qualities that will help him be a wonderful dad – a dad a child will know he or she can rely on and feel safe with, and also a dad who will encourage many adventures and to have the confidence to pursue his or her dreams.

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Rob and Shane

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Rob and Shane