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Kat & Andrew

Loving & blessed NYC filmmakers missing only a child to treasure, hold close, and share it all with!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and consider us as adoptive parents for your baby. Adoption has always been our first choice for bringing children into our life. We have been married for four years, and we can’t wait to build our family through adoption! We will support you through your pregnancy with the best resources possible – we want this to be the most positive adoption experience possible for you and for your baby. The goal is that both of you feel safe, cared for, and have a stress-free, healthy pregnancy!

We can offer unconditional love, a big extended family, and (since we own our own business of film studios right in our neighborhood), two stay-at-home parents on hand on a daily basis. In our side work as documentary filmmakers, we will be able to travel the world as a family, ensuring your child experiences and learns about other cultures. Education is our highest value and we will make sure your child has access to the best schools and educational experiences, along with the support and know-how to develop their interests and go wherever they want to go in life.

As well as the best of New York City we have a weekend country home on three acres, perfect for a child to safely explore nature, ride a bike, plant and pick vegetables with us, and run free. We boat on the river and hike in the nearby mountains. It's such a good life with so much for a child to explore and learn!

We are open to visit with you after placement if you desire. We are very willing to send pictures, letters, and videos, as you desire. Please feel free to contact us at k.a.adopt@gmail.com or (646)789-4102, call or text.

We can’t wait to begin this adoption journey with you!!

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Who We Are

We're filmmakers living in New York City. We love traveling the world to film different cultures and share their knowledge with others!

We also run a series of film studios in the city and have renovated beautiful historic houses and gardens to call home. We live in a diverse and family-oriented neighborhood in the city but spend the weekends at our place in the country – we have the best of both worlds! Parks and good schools close by in the city as well as all the fun and excitement during the week, but we love to escape to kick back and relax on weekends, planting a vegetable garden, hiking in the mountains, taking our boat out on the river, and bike riding. The only thing missing is a child to treasure, hold close and share it all with!

Adoption Diary

Here’s to sunnier days ahead!

This time last year we were shooting a wildlife conservation documentary in Panama. Here we are enjoying a little downtime between takes! Looking forward to being able to adventure and document wildlife again, maybe with a little one by our side!

Boating fun : )

We love taking a break from the city and spending weekends upstate boating on the river!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Kat & Andrew

646-789-4102 (toll-free)

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Kat & Andrew