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My Story

My favorite thing is the ocean, and my favorite color is pink! The days that are the best for me are at the beach with a great pink nail polish enjoying the sun. I enjoy cooking and I visit the local farmer’s market regularly to pick out fresh vegetables and often to try things I have never had before. It’s difficult to cook a small amount of food, so I’m always thrilled to be able to share my cooking with friends... always made with love. When I am able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, away from the beach, I make time to enjoy golfing. I make time for vacation and look forward to sharing travel experiences with a child.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home My cozy home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch with plenty of room for a small family to spread out as well as enjoy bonding time. The elementary school is just at the top of my street and I have almost endless options for nearby parks, grocery stores and essential shopping. It’s a friendly neighborhood with sidewalks that allows for great evening or morning walks and socializing with neighbors. There's a small patio garden that I've enjoyed nurturing... and eating! My home is in a well-established neighborhood with great yards and great trees!

My Career

adoptive family photo - My Career Not only do I love to see children growing and thriving, but for nearly 20 years it's what I have done for careeer. I worked with a nonprofit whose mission was to ensure every child had a safe and fun place to be. The work of the community is in my veins and I continue, even now, to spend my time doing work that supports our community and neighbors in need. My volunteerism started as a CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocate, ensuring the best of interest of children within the foster care system was amplified and supported. It was rewarding to fight for children, and I continue to do volunteer work, whether associated with my nonprofit career, through youth organizations I support or through my community church. I currently work as an event manager for a nonprofit organization and manage a small team. Our mission is to end hunger... a solvable issue within every community. I look forward to introducing your child to a life of service to the community and helping others.

My Family

adoptive family photo - My Family My family is beautiful. My mother is the North Star for my brother and me. She is always loving, hugging, encouraging and spiritually leading the way. Her retirement life is certainly golden as she enjoys showering her grandchildren, from my brother and his wife, with tons of “Nana” love. My brother lives for basketball and fortunately my nephew (11) and niece (6) approve and enjoy it with him. He also loves animals, in fact my little brother not only coaches basketball but coaches fur moms & dads on how to raise puppies into the perfect 4-legged extension of the family. He’s very much like my dad, who unfortunately passed away years ago. My nephew and niece are two of the sweetest faces an aunt could have. I so enjoy my time with them.

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