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Your choice matters! I want to provide a loving, safe and fun home as a trusted second mother for your baby.

Dear Expecting Mother,

Hello, I’m Tammie and I appreciate you taking the time to review my profile and get to know a little about me. I’m hopeful for the opportunity to be a mom, however your feelings and wellbeing are at the center of my heart as well. Thank you for considering your choices. My mother was adopted and I was blessed enough to not only have the great love of my grandmother, who adopted my mom, as well as her first mom, her sisters & cousins. My wish is to love your baby and ensure they will also know and feel connected to your wishes for their life. I will instill the values that you honor most. Second mother is a title I will take seriously. With my loving family/friends, unconditional love, nurturing, fun, education and creative support at the core, I know you will be proud and honored in how they grow. I look forward to building a lasting relationship built on openness and trust. As someone who passionately desires to be a mom, I cannot imagine your journey and the decisions you need to make but I am so happy to be considered as part of your journey. Your strength and courage are admirable.

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My favorite thing is the ocean, and my favorite color is pink! The days that are the best for me are at the beach with a great pink nail polish enjoying the sun. I enjoy cooking and I visit the local farmer’s market regularly to pick out fresh vegetables and often to try things I have never had before. It’s difficult to cook a small amount of food, so I’m always thrilled to be able to share my cooking with friends... always made with love. When I am able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, away from the beach, I make time to enjoy golfing. I make time for vacation and look forward to sharing travel experiences with a child.

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