Joel, Sara, and Isaac

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Baseball Season

Baseball season is one of my favorite seasons every year. Several years ago I had the opportunity to wear Two Cubs World Series Rings and it was such a fun moment and is now a great memory! Last year we weren’t able to attend many baseball games. But this summer we are looking forward going to as many games at the Nationals Stadium as we can squeeze into our schedule. Isaac loves to tag along too and I love to see his growing appreciation for the sport (and for the hot dogs and ice cream too!)

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Hope you explore in for a little sneak peak into our life. It's full of unconditional love, fun, messes, and good food! We Welcome you into our hearts and home.

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“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” - A. A. Milne. Happy Valentine's Day to my love. Each year with you gets sweeter and sweeter.

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Joel, Sara, and Isaac

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Joel, Sara, and Isaac