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Our Story

We met in Manhattan, working in the same building, on the same floor. David at a graphic design studio; Aeriel at a photo agency. Aeriel knew they were supposed to get married about half-way through the first date. Two years later, we did.

Ten years later, we divide our time between Brooklyn and the shores of Long Island. We also both still work in graphic design and photography! Having a toe in both place gives us ample opportunities to experience the world in all the ways we love. New York allows us to see art and shows and access to top notch education! The beach brings us back to nature. It's not unusual to see whales and dolphins in the water when we surf!

A typical weekend might include meeting friends at a city park, a trip to a museum, taking our boat out and collecting fresh mussles or fish and a surf day with our friends — all in the same weekend!

We're excited to share all of this with a child and believe that experiences can be the best teacher. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We divide our time between our diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn and our home at the beach on Long Island. Our house is just a short ten minute boat ride from the beach and spend a lot of our time there (usually with friends!)!

What's it like growing up in New York? It's exciting and diverse and extremely safe. Our neighborhood is walkable and with lots of things for little ones to do including more than ten parks! We also live right down the street from the best public elementary school in Brooklyn. If you're interested in it, you can do it or learn it in New York. And we can't wait to support a child with all their interests.

Both places are light filled, LOVE filled, music filled and art filled. There's frequent dancing in the kitchen while dinner is being made and there's always a lot of laughter. We are lucky to have artworks by many of our talented friends hanging on the walls. In the winter there's a fireplace to snuggle up next to (where our dog can frequently be found warming her belly) and books to be read.

The best part of both places is that there is a public pool very nearby each one. We both love to swim and love swimming together as a family activity.

Above all, our home is full of love and we're surrounded by friends and family who can't wait for us to expand our family through adoption.


adoptive family photo - Aeriel Aeriel is kind, funny and nurturing. She’s a loyal friend who's always willing to listen. She’s a great story teller—something she learned growing up as part of a traveling circus (for real!).
Above all, she loves to laugh and make others laugh with her!

Likes: making up silly songs, riding bike around the city, surfing in warm water, traveling, gardening, reading, writing, running, swimming, cooking, baking, and animals of all sorts.
Dislikes: meanness

Fun Facts: She grew up in a family circus and once was a contestant on a radio trivia quiz show!


adoptive family photo - David David is steadfast, fun-loving and curious. He comes from a very large family and is very close with his 11 nieces and nephews! He’s great at puzzling out problems and gives FANTASTIC advice. He’s passionate about making things (like the furniture in our house and a few surfboards) and he's the kind of person who makes everything he touches better.

Likes: art, discovering new talents in himself and others, surfing (especially if there are dolphins), daily runs, swimming, eating (especially Korean food), fishing, driving our boat to new beaches and building things.
Dislikes: surprise parties

Fun facts!: he built a shed entirely by looking at YouTube videos, including the electic!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Aeriel and Dave

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Aeriel and Dave