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Nick and I met back when we rode the same school bus in elementary school (and I had a BIG crush on Nick, a "cool" skateboarder, a year older than me) and we attended the same high school AND college! BUT, it wasn't until after college that we re-connected, and as soon as we saw each other again we knew we had found "the one." We have now been together for 13 years and married for 9 years. We are best friends and truly enjoy doing everything together.
We moved to Florida from New Jersey in 2015 and started a landscaping business. We came here on vacation a few years prior and knew that this was where we wanted to live. In addition to the landscaping company, we also have a house flipping business as well. Being self employed allows us to make our own hours and allows Valentine to be home as much as she wants/needs to care for our family. We welcomed our son Ian in 2017 and he has blessed our lives in so many ways. For fun we love to go to the beach, go out on our canoe, travel, get together with friends and play and see live music at many family friendly restaurants in our beach town! In addition to that, Val plays guitar and plays at open mic nights sometimes at restaurants in town! Nick loves to work on projects at home, building things or improving the house/outdoor living area. He's currently building an outdoor shower for us to use after sandy beach days!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in such a cool unique spot! We have a few acres on private road smack in the middle of a beach town! Many people do not even know our hidden road exists! It truly feels like your out in the middle of the country, but we're 5 minutes from the main road and 12 minutes from the beach! Our neighbors are so nice and we have two horses next door, a pig down the road, two goats and some cows that we like to walk and visit daily!
We have 6 alpacas and 10 chickens and we do farm tours occasionally on the weekends and people can feed them and get some cute photos☺ Alpacas are so docile and funny - We have loved raising them and they are so calm and gentle around our son.


adoptive family photo - Nick Nick was raised by his stepfather and mother and has a younger brother and sister. They lived on a few acres in South Jersey (right outside of Philadelphia). His step dad had a landscaping company and that is where Nick learned all of the tools he needed to start his own company one day. He has found memories of adventures with his brother exploring the woods behind his house and taking their canoe on the creek that ran alongside their property. He had a huge family closeby that would get together every Sunday for dinner. There were always badminton and football games outside followed by lots of laughs and good Italian food at dinner. His family supported all of his interests growing up and he loved playing baseball, football and skateboarding.
He is very close with his siblings and his brother (who lives in NC) has a 1 year old daughter. They try and meet up as much as possible, usually in New Jersey for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. His sister is our son's Godmother and is a beautiful person inside and out.
He went to Art school and got his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. He worked in this field for 10 years before him and Valentine decided they wanted to be entrepreneurs and start their own business in Florida. Now their business is established and thriving!

*Written by Valentine About Nick*:

Nick has a heart of gold and is loved by everyone he meets. He loves spending time with his family more than anything - Whether it be going to the beach or just lounging in the backyard. He is a hard worker and would do anything for us. He even wakes up when the rooster starts crowing and makes breakfast for us every morning! He is the sweetest and kindest man I've ever met. He loves unconditionally and I have loved seeing him blossom as a father with our son. He was born to be a dad ❤


adoptive family photo - Valentine Valentine grew up in the same town as Nick, but in a neighborhood on a cul-de-sac. There were so many kids in her neighborhood and there was never a shortage of adventures to be had. Her father owned a gas station and was a mechanic and her mother was a stay at home mom. She had a wonderful childhood and filled with lots of love. Her parents supported all of her passions which included soccer, jui jitsu and music. Her mom would drive her and her friends into Philadelphia every weekend to see a different band that was playing. Some of her fondest memories were their yearly summer vacation down the shore, where they'd rent a house for two weeks. She would go crabbing with her brother and they'd do the boardwalk rides on the weekends. They'd get fresh pastries in the morning and go to the beach all day. Valentine aspires to be the mom to her children that her mother was for her.
After deciding Art School was not the right fit for her, she decided she wanted to travel to Brazil to meet her dad's side of the family and learn Portuguese. Valentine's dad moved to the US when he was 23 but all of his siblings and mother were still there. What was originally supposed to be a 6 month visit, turned into a year and 3 months! She got a job at a hotel in the recreation dept and translated for all of the foreign guests.
When she returned from Brazil she ran into Nick while out with friends, and the rest is history!

*Written by Nick about Valentine:*

It is hard to imagine a more loving and caring person then her; She always puts others needs before her own and is a natural at being a mom to both our son and assorted farm animals. She can go from doing farm chores in wet boots and a cowboy hat to a dress and heels to go out to dinner, seamlessly. She is a hard worker with an infectious smile. I'm blessed to share my life with her and look forward to our many adventures yet to come."

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